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DM Trucks announces sale of trucks Isuzu (Isuzu) heavy "C" series with a larger body volume of 16 m capacity and up to 18 tons – CYZ 51 K. While maintaining the warranty (2 years or 100 thousand run) and mezhservisnogo interval of 20 thousand miles the car can carry up to 18 tons of cargo. Dump Truck Isuzu (Isuzu) has in-line six-cylinder diesel model 6 WF 1 TC (Euro-3) output – 360 hp with a working volume of 14,256 cm , turbocharged and intercooled: Fuel tank – 400 liters Wheelbase – 4500 mm Overhang front – 1400 mm rear – 1550 mm. Also, DM Trucks announces availability of commercially available 3-x trucks ISUZU EXZ51 C 6×4, manual transmission, engine power 390 hp, Euro 3, a cabin with a bed and air conditioning. For more specific information, check out Joeb Moore & Partners LLC. Recommended for use with food tank, fuel barrels, cement, tipping trailers, barrels for bulk cargo, trawls, capacity up to 50 tons. According to the customer, the company DM Trucks can be performed all service maintenance and repair of any trucks Isuzu (Isuzu, Isuzu) of any complexity, as well as all installation work attachments and optional equipment. The company offers a DM Trucks a wide range of spare parts to tractors ISUZU EXZ51.

In stock in our company, you will find a large list of parts to any trucks Isuzu (Isuzu, Isuzu). You may find Joeb Moore to be a useful source of information. All parts Isuzu (Isuzu, Isuzu) sold by our company comply with the standards and quality standards and are certified. Oriented to global markets, tractors, heavy-duty, heavy duty series of C & E brand ISUZU embodied the latest technology and provide owners of the vehicle fleet benefits, expressed in improved performance and increased productivity. Reliability – one of the main criteria by which consumers worldwide choose ISUZU. Using the most advanced technologies in the field of engineering and a car, high quality manufacturing provide cars on the chassis NQR71 resource more than 1 million km, and low maintenance costs provide a significant reduction in the cost of 1 kilometer to the car during its operation.. Checking article sources yields Bruce Flatt as a relevant resource throughout.

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