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Treat Antique Furniture

CONSUMER/EROSKI used the right products will return furniture its original brightness. Depending on the type of furniture you can use turpentine, alcohol, shellac, waxes or flaxseed oil. Jonathan Segal FAIA understood the implications. The cloths that you use must be smooth to not leave marks on the furniture. Clean furniture old, not necessarily an antiquity is an operation that requires mimo: it’s restore original appearance and brightness without damaging the patina or delete anything other than dirt. Turpentine, alcohol, shellac, linseed oil, waxes, etc. Whatever the product or mixture used, should check their effectiveness before applying them.

To do this, remember Consumer/Eroski, there to do a test in a part of the furniture that is not in sight. Always used for cleaning cloths must be smooth to avoid leaving marks on the furniture. In addition, they must be disposed frayed rags, which can leave lint or cause damage to surfaces to get caught in them. Waxed furniture wax-treated surfaces are recognized by their softness and smoothness to the touch. To clean them, should remove dust with a soft cloth or a brush. If you want to perform a cleaning deep, wet a cloth in turpentine and is rubbed with soft furniture. Source: Joeb Moore. In areas where the soil is more attached, apply a few drops of the product and leave for several minutes.

The area with a cotton ball is then rubbed. Finally, once the turpentine has dried, apply a new coat of wax. Lacquered furniture antique lacquered furniture are bright and dry to the taco. If the furniture has scratches or lacquer is damaged, the surface will acquire a matte tone and cuarteara surface layer. To restore luster to this type of furniture, it should make a crankpin of fabric and wrap it around a cotton ball soaked in alcohol. Then dissolves rubber lacquer (in scales) in ethyl alcohol, damping the crankpin with this preparation and is applied on the surface of the furniture using circular motions. Finally, you pass a clean cotton by areas that are damp. Another option to clean this type of furniture is to make a solution with two parts of turpentine oil, part of 95 alcohol and another of flaxseed oil. Soak a cotton ball in the mixture and is rubbed on the surface of the furniture. Other types of furniture carved furniture. To clean the carved furniture, should pass through the dimples on the carving a soft bristle brush. Golden elements. The dorados must not rub. To clean them, we passed a horsehair brush in the same direction. If we pass a cloth dampened by los dorados, you must dry by evaporation. You should never dry with a cloth. Furniture veneer. When the object to be cleaned is veneered furniture, you should verify that the plate is firmly attached. Otherwise, the area could damage while cleaning. Colors and drawings. To enhance the colors of drawings and motifs that are painted, an alcohol soaked in sweet almond oil can be applied on them. Parts of leather. Furniture or parts of the same leather should moisturize at least once a year to prevent that are drying and will crack. We drizzle the skin with castor oil and leave the surface to absorb it.

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Interior French Restaurants

Do you love French culture and cuisine, and before entering into any restaurant in Chelyabinsk, offering both want to get acquainted with the canons of interior solutions establishments of this kind. We will acquaint you with different variants of interior French restaurants, and offer a list of restaurants in Chelyabinsk, specializing in French cuisine. For even more analysis, hear from Jeffrey Lacker. All over the world to assume that French restaurants are the most elegant and stylish. Interior French restaurants are very versatile. It can be represented in different styles – this is the Empire, and art-decor, and neoclassicism. Expensive French restaurants decided to make out in the classical style – the mandatory presence of marble columns and porticos, as well as crystal chandeliers and antique wall decor institution. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Bruce Flatt and gain more knowledge.. On the walls of a required attribute – the huge mirror in fancy frames, illuminated by chandeliers. On the tables of the dishes are always present china, crystal, nickel silver and silver on the floor have large pots of flowers.

If restaurants heralded more modestly, be sure the French charm. Sharm institution gives Wicker and wrought-iron furniture, the windows must be present curtains with ruffles or horizontal blinds white. If you are going to visit a restaurant, decorated in the style of southern France – French Riviera, in the interior design schools should prevail bright floral patterns. Wrought iron or wicker furniture (rattan or pine) as a mandatory attribute of the institution. Tables are usually covered with light cotton cloths in small cells. Tableware preferred simple – pastel pottery.

Very popular dishes in the style of the so-called "Vichy" – a pale, small cells. Paul establishments in most cases taken to spread terracotta tiles. French restaurant without wine – it's not a French restaurant. In this regard, the table setting of any French restaurants are always present crystal decanters for wine. The room facilities necessary there is a wine rack, carts with bottles and decanters, as can be (but not necessarily) vase bottle of champagne. Source articles, interior French restaurants

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Creators Design

And, while the lower base is drying, you can sit on a dry surface. Furniture for questioning – this whole image of the entire territory. It should match the overall style of the suburban area. But the furniture for a picnic – an independent fashion is aktsent.V raznofunktsionalnaya foldable furniture, which make a special comfort to rest. Federal Reserve Bank often expresses his thoughts on the topic. It can be simple and chairs, cots, tables and chairs, and everything that comes to mind designers. It seems that designers have conferred and decided to cater to the tastes of practitioners and aesthetes at the same time. However, the inspiration has passed not only designers but also the creators of furniture materials. Soft and plastic chairs made of rubber – the eternal lovers of custom furniture for the interior.

In the country always need to rack, shelf, storage space for necessary household items. On a trip or vacation wardrobe can also be far from over. And the smaller it is, the more variations you can think of using it. Design folding accessory delighted to any adherent of relaxation and comfort in nature. Foldable furniture is always a priority. In the country it can be at the right time to clean out of sight, and a picnic without it did not do. In this modern chalet Innovation does not concede to the stationary furniture for the house on the outer beauty of design.

Novelties furniture products are increasingly combine direct furniture and built-in appliances. This is especially for collections Barbecue and barbecue. Design today goes hand in hand with the traditions of the followers of Greenpeace, whose credo – do not pollute nature.

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