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The skills in the sport bets are more frequent than it seems. In tennis there are being numerous suspicions in many parties. For example it happened with Davydenko years ago. It played against a player of worse ranking than and had gained the first Seth. But suddenly, an enormous sum of money in favor of the rival of Davydenko moved, happening this a to be favorite, and giving to the Russian the highest quotas (and I repeat that it went already gaining 1-0 in sets). Obvious, the party ended the overcome one of its Argentine rival, and the alarms in Betfair jumped against the possible skill of ” Nikolay”.

Another example in tennis occurred very recently, hardly one week ago. In a party of first round of Wimbledon between Melzer and Odesnik, 300,000 Euros of blow moved to that the Austrian would gain the party in three sets (quota that was pleased over @4.00). Betfair then closed all the bets of that party. The end, obvious. Melzer 3-0 won, and again the suspicions arose from skill. When concluding the party, both players was asked to them if they knew something on this subject, and both they denied astonished. Like these cases, there are other so many in tennis, although of smaller repercussion, than it causes that every day more this sport is questioned.

It is clear that we will never find a skill in parties of players of TOP 5, however, they are quite abundant in players of smaller ranking. We do not think that only they exist in tennis, but also in leagues smaller of soccer, and in party even as vital as those of the reduction in First Division, as it happened with the Athletic and Levante, when first it gambled and the other no. Is necessary to see as the sport bets in Latin America go that although move the less amount of money that in Europe, is more and more popular.

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A armchair is a machine to sit down. the washbasins are machines to wash. The world of our task has created its things: the clothes, the fountain pen, the blade to shave, the typewriter, the telephone. the limousine, the steamer and the airplane. " Thus, then, it was absolutely necessary to also create a new architecture, and it founded it to Le Corbusier around five basic points: use of pilotis (sustenation elements), gardens in the tile roof, free conformation of the plants, continuous large windows and frees formation of the facade, all this within a strict geometric order like unique generator of " volumes puros". These solutions would happen to be the fundamental and paradigmatic characteristics of the architectonic rationalism.

The utopia of Le Corbusier was to create a new urban reality, a city that outside a synthesis between nature and technological development. For it, architecture and urbanism had to be perfectly integrated. Le Corbusier conceived urbanism like interaction of the space of the civilization in the space of the nature and its ideal city, projected in 1922, it is constructed in vertical, leaving free great zones of the surface of the ground, that become green zones to reason below the buildings. These rise on pilotis, leaving the ground floors like spaces of free communication. The tile roofs, turned into gardens, stop being useless spaces; the streets are of ample dimensions and the traffic is organized in great routes of fast circulation, net separated of the zones for pedestrians. Before the chaos of the great centers urban, incapable to absorb the unstoppable agglomeration of vehicles and people, Le Corbusier dreamed a city of skyscrapers connected by gardens and freeways, but their dreams were only of paper and, although it projected tens of skyscraper, never constructed no. In the Twenties, it even had to be satisfied to the construction of isolate houses; one of these, that have happened to history like magnificent example of the corbuseriano rationalism, is the Ville Savoye (1928-1929, Him Possy), an application of the house sustained by pilotis, related to the outside through great cristaleras and the connected nears space.

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