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Philippe Starck

A thousand times was Human romantic Philippe Starck, who with characteristic charm of the French returned to everyday objects gaming entity, emotional and hedonistic sense, which has reinvented the world that design can be admired, and things created for the joy that art exists for the sake of art, and beauty – for beauty's sake. Dining room, without which it can not do any "celestial", it is best to arrange in a specially designed in accordance with classical Roman model of the rotunda. How infallibly it is ideal to round entablature supported by four Corinthian columns, made of one piece of Italian marble Blanco Perlino! What a masterpiece – Outdoor outlet at the foot of the massive table, laid out the four kinds of marble in different colors – to be trampled underfoot the visitors! And how ironic contradiction marble shine and texture of the noble dark wood, reproduced in the ceiling cover with geometric pattern, like a figure reflecting the artistic mosaic parquet! No less aristocratic interior space, reminiscent of patterned precious casket, filled with antique furniture and paintings by old masters of the style of old with modern materials and decorative elements. This intersfera readily admits there are several organizations old-fashioned "salon area with colorful stained glass windows in the wall, rectangular arched openings, a small library, sitting room and a group of low tables with curved legs Provasi in the form of frolicking dolphins. However, in then re-creating the era is very important not to overdo it, otherwise you can easily cross the invisible line that separates kitsch and aristocracy highest order.

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Table Cabinet

In this case, the floor space occupied by a double bed, decreases. For rotating bed applied joint or pipe, which was mentioned earlier. In the afternoon, when the bed is removed, a living room transformed into the living room. The outer surface of the cabinet (to the bottom of the bed) are attached furniture boards, which Pivoted converted into a dining table. Supports them are two feet, pulled out of the plane of the wall cabinet. In extreme sections of the cabinet can store common or folding chairs. In the cabinet wall is removed and the workplace for training. It is constructed on one of the inner surfaces of the doors.

Shield your desktop kept on metal loops. Table is fixed with special consoles. Table size can be increased if necessary in 2 times. To do this, tilt the second panel to the left and fix it the second console. The most simple design of a universal Harvester-cabinet. Between two vertical wooden poles fixed sofa. Racks are interconnected horizontal shelf.

Behind them a sheet of plywood or hardboard: they give rigidity and stability design. At the top are provided lockers notebooks, textbooks and other school supplies. To connect the mattress frame and racks are used steel bolts and nuts. In the tilted position of the sofa based on two articulated legs. Their stability is ensured by the fact that the upper part of the swing leg is in the groove side of the board frame mattress. The working surface of a folding table made of particle board either smooth boards, planed or covered with plastic, put together in panels and fixed. In the horizontal tabletop supported by two rotating metal arm. The next version – cabinet-secretary, transformed into bed. A distinctive feature of it is that the table is a longitudinal wall of the bed when it is horizontal. Joints are bolts with nuts or round pin, which put on a metal cylinder that is fastened to the side wall of the cabinet. Fixation of bed in the raised position is done by folding the metal clips that go out of the groove walls. On the side of the bed for This reinforced metal overlay. The first and second versions of itself cabinet must be secured to the wall with metal hooks or straps, loops. The outer surface finish of the cabinet should be the same color and invoice. It is desirable to handle the support legs and outer parts of the bed with sandpaper, and then several times to cover the furniture with lacquer. Thanks to this versatile equipment in the room can be safely put not only the chair, but also a small sofa. Save space in the apartment by replacing swing doors sliding. Doors-accordion can be mounted not only in the living room, but in the kitchen. Such "secrets" of the universal built-in equipment can be used not only in living rooms, but also in other areas malometrazhnyh apartments.

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