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Language and reality interact dynamically. The understanding of the text to be reached by its critical reading implies the perception of the relations between the text and contexto’ ‘ (Freire, 1981). We need to have the courage to develop a work that if more disentails of the restricted concern the specific contents, that the understanding of several of these contents becomes simultaneously possible, and than this, that if uses texts that, for its understanding, demands knowledge that if interlace. There yes, who knows, will be developing logical reasoning, capacity to abstract; even though we could find connections between the most varied knowledge, we could to find applications, practical, pregnant examples of significaes. I risk to say exactly, that without a theoretical recital still, or empiricist: ‘ ‘ Who reads well, reads any that either the text and on the other hand can understand any well that either the text, qui until the text matemtico’ ‘. Still is the one simple conjectura, who knows is not subject of a future work? The modern life is a net: information are crossed, are interlaced; our daily one is repleto of fancy and reality. The Physics already is ‘ ‘ relativa’ ‘ ; the geometrias do not have of being necessarily Euclidean; biology if mixture to engineerings; the scientific world confirms forecasts of the fiction; the realities also can be virtual and if to mesclarem. Information pass through to the speed of the light, entangle, are completed. Under this light, our work of educator is dynamic, is in constant mutation, has of being dynamic, has of being.

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Teach Physics

But, what these questions will be able to influence in our life? Simple! These questions are enough to answer a simple question: – Why we must study physics? The reply she is very direct here! Physics is part of our life since the o to be born until dying! This disciplines if it becomes much of the times massive and enfadonha for pupils of average education, our existence in this world is the explanation for all. But a bigger question that ‘ ‘ why we must study physics? ‘ ‘ it is had question ‘ ‘ why to teach physics? ‘ ‘. However, this task is not something easy as to walk of bicycle and to feel gravity in all its essence in case that a fall occurs! To teach physics does not stop those that simply like to admire the stars or they only find that they understand of constellations; to teach physics also implies to know and to understand of astronomy! At last, that person will only lecionar physical who obtains to understand that physical she is not only one disciplines that she involves calculations we dificlimos and if finds a specialist for obtaining to decide them! First to teach physics she must yourself be understood that this content goes beyond books and emends, but that yes it explains the facts that happen of course in day-by-day. It can be enunciated perfectly that the intention of natural sciences is to explore and to understand the phenomena of the nature, but unhappyly this if becomes horrendo when matematizado! as if the enchantment if lost..

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