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We should then focus on a purpose do our highly effective advertising. Kitchens is actively involved in the matter. How to achieve this? One of the recommendations of the experts has been tested. They tell us to test over and over and over again. What does it mean? Yes, two ads, X and Z are tested, and X obtained two percent of response and Z three percent, we could conclude that Z announcement will significantly surpass the announcement X. This exercise, not only could be time-consuming, but it could also be expensive. However, could be ideal when you have some ideas as a starting point of testing tested.

We could take as an example the following situation: the testing (test) has shown long directed advertising outperforms advertising not directed, as indeed it is, then we should take that premise as a starting point. Similarly, if based on test results, we know that using ads sent directly, it is more efficient that directing it to the masses, which well occurs, then We must apply common sense and take that circumstance as a starting point for our campaigns. We can then say that, knowing some rules and basic techniques on how to write effectively necessary. The results of the tests or tests are effective, but it is always better to have a starting point before carrying out any testing. This starting point, is the purpose of these articles related to Copywriting. The techniques that you’ll be revealing have been tested and have proven to be effective.See previous article: Copywriting: Science and art this article can be reproduced and translated into any language, can be given and published on any website or blog, with the single condition that its original formatting, do not alter its content, its authorship. Original author and source of the article

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