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You can begin to make his blend of essential oils through the adoption of three oils and concerned they were poured into a clean glass bowl and submerged a cotton swab in each oil and before placing it in a glass container. It is as easy as preparing homemade beauty products. When you are experiencing, must be guided by the relationship that you choose and make as possible so you can smell the mixture alo you want that you smell. This will save you make an mixture of a scent that does not attract him. After you put your mixture in a glass bottle, wait five minutes and then let air above the bottle.

Stay tuned to the taste of the odor, which smells of first impression and what kind of scent leaves. After this, seal the bottle tightly and put it in a cool and dry place. A few hours later, recheck the smell of the mixture and then place the flask sealed in a cool and dry place again. Two days later, take his final showing of the odor and decide if the combination works for you. First smell in roncerse will give you an idea of the first impression of the fragrance, while later smell tests allow you to know what is the mixture of essential oils and as they have matured. From now on, you can start to play with the mixture until you find your favorite.

Once you have determined the best ratio of the mixture, you can mix a batch larger essential oils and add it to any SOAP, candles or lotion. If you are using the mixture of a perfume, it is important to use an oil carrier as oil sunflower, grape seed oil or olive oil. This prevents that essential oils may be damaging your skin. To make a blend of essential oils is experiment and find what works best for you, there are some proven combinations and other proven. Floral oils work best with other floral aromas, while oils such as Peppermint work well with more earthly oils. However, these are only general guidelines. The only strict rules to make a blend of essential oils used quality oils and guarantee not to be contaminated or crossed with other essences. Between both you and it must be guided by some of these guidelines, everything else can be left to your imagination. Original author and source of the article

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