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Siqueira Fields Population

The technique uses to search information that will be applied questionnaires to better evaluate the development of the proper quarters, leading in consideration the financial conditions for each locality of the city. The questionnaire consists of demonstrating and divulging these results presented in the structure and elapsing of the continuity of the research. The population growth affects the politics that faces as obstacle to the economic development that housing affects and in the quality of life. They had been analyzed through research of field in a sampling of application of 100 questionnaires divided in percentages in accordance with the resident population in 5 (five) quarters of the city for this first stage, that are the following ones: 5% Quarter referring Surgery to the number of inhabitants in the year of 2007 with 5.767 resident population, 15% Siqueira Quarter Fields with 15.705 resident population, 31% Industrial Quarter with 18.012 resident population, 14% Quarter Saint Antonio with 11.950 resident population and 35% Quarter Santos Dumont with 25.061 resident population. The surveys of the analyzed data had occurred in the following periods: 31/05/2009, 06, 11 and 14/06/2009, they had been tabulated and demonstrated in graphs later, giving continuity to the too much quarters in the next stages. 2 DEVELOPMENT the delineation of the used research was the study of bibliographical field and, that has as main function the systemize explanation of the factors that occur in one definitive context of the population growth. The profiles in the areas of economic, social development and politician who affects to the following item: etria band, birth control, quality of life, income/job and type of housing. The logic of the collection of bibliographical description-quantitative data and field was used a survey analysis, through questionnaire application that serve of sampling in the accomplishment of half-structuralized interviews, not participant, participativa comment of analyzes. The research this being carried through in the organizacional level and the units of analyzes is being composed for organization of tabulao for time of the work in the related quarters: Surgery, Siqueira Fields, Saint Antonio, Industrial and Santos Dumont.

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Academic Community

In the academic community is almost a consensus the conscience of that the education of sciences, in all the levels of formal education, asks for a revision. Disastrous implications for the country exist as consequence of a deficit education of sciences. The deficit in the education of sciences drift, among others things, of professors whose proper formation left to desire. One of the effect of this formation fails of the professor is the fact of that the same it tends to commit many errors in the education of determined areas of sciences.

One of the areas of sciences more vitimadas by education deficit it is, without a doubt, Astronomy. A series of errors committed for professors when trying exists to exactly teach the slight knowledge most basic of space sciences. Many times errneas information are repassed the pupils as being true. In other situations information they are repassed in incomplete way. It still has cases of mere popular knowledge in Astronomy that are interiorizados by the professors as being true and these also finish being repassed the pupils. OBJECTIVES? To examine the main relative errors to the contained concepts of Astronomy in didactic books; To describe the different types of errors contained in such publications; To present the information as it would have to be repassed to the pupil, having for base given of trustworthy sources as workmanships of specialists in the area of Astronomy. The objectives of this study had been only reached thanks to the bibliographical research of extensive referring material to the subject.

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