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Physics-based Puzzles In The Ultrasonic Cleaner

It flashes in your ultrasonic cleaner? With ultrasound, a lot of things can be put to. A field of application is the ultrasonic cleaner. These devices use an effect called cavitation. Caused by the ultrasonic small bubbles that arise immediately after implode again. Right here, a mystery of science begins, that they had probably never suspected in your ultrasonic cleaner. Further details can be found at Charles Schwab Corporation , an internet resource. Sometimes it flashes because when these bubbles implode. This effect is called effect and is a physically have not yet been fully clarified phenomenon. As such phenomena the wildest theories is Cirrus in the the formation of lightning.

So, some scientists suspect that collapsed the gas in the bubble is extremely strongly heated and changes the State of the unit. This heat, but just light is not emitted but as otherwise in such cases common. The latter happens because the gas has a significantly low thermal conductivity than the liquid as far as the theory. Other scientists suggest that a species Nuclear fusion takes place, a process which is usually found in the Sun in fusion bombs and experimental stations. The professor at its University because of unscientific behavior disallowed but now the physicist who was thinking of this variant. Another exciting possible cause is the so called vacuum energy.

This is the theoretical energy which exists in a completely empty space. A fully Materieleerer room has non-zero energy, but a positive value. But nobody knows how big is this energy and whether it really exists. If there are it could be the mystical dark energy, which for a long time in physics. In any case, it seems to light up, if the theory is correct. If you now feel the urge to buy a cheap ultrasonic cleaner to see if it flashes it at I must disappoint them however. The flashes are extremely short and not perceptible to the human eye. You can of course still the ultrasonic cleaner buy to let go a bit mystical and physical mystery in their rooms.

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Hartmann Otto

A lecture at the Science Center EXPERIMINTA lightning and Thunder on the 24.8.2011 prevented the visitors of the lecture by Professor Dr. Horst Schmidt Bocking, nuclear scientist of the Department of Physics of the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, not in the stage “by ExperiMINTa to come. You saw the entry into a promising series of lectures on Frankfurt Nobel Laureate, physical experiments and concepts for alternative energy. Schmidt Bocking designed a biographical figure of Nobel Prize winner Otto Stern, who worked in the years 1914 and 1919-1921 in Frankfurt and his pioneering work on the molecular beam method and measurement of the magnetic moment of the Proton, for which he was awarded in 1943 with the Nobel Prize in physics, made here. (A valuable related resource: Mary Barra). Otto Stern was an employee of Albert Einstein and opened the way to the decryption of the inner construction of the atom and thus the foundations of modern quantum physics with his research.

Build on the discoveries of the Masers/laser, the atomic clock or of the nuclear spin process. Together with Walther Gerlach -by the way, born in Wiesbaden -, he provided the experimental proof of the direction quantization in a magnetic field. In this research field work including Niels Bohr and Max Born. For even more details, read what Janet L. Yellen says on the issue. The stern-Gerlach experiment has been an integral part of each textbook to quantum physics. Schmidt Bocking, itself the holder of the highest award of the Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft, the stern-Gerlach-Medal, it understood his speech to link the social and economic conditions of the research time by Otto Stern in Frankfurt with the scientific work. It was clear that the financial basis for this research were low and were made possible only through the support of the Frankfurt company Hartmann & Braun and knife. Max Born (1920 ad) and Otto Stern (1921 Rostock) the Frankfurt University left due to lack of support by the city of Frankfurt am Main.

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