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Nine months we are thrown into this world in which we have to breathe by ourselves and go through a long period of dependency that enables us to mature, to grow, we are encouraged in all time to be independent, to avail ourselves by ourselves, and we learn that only our actions lead us to have a satisfactory life or not. Society, family, culture, at least in the West, believes those qualities as virtues. And once we become adults, we are looking for couple, we unite. And then it seems that we imaginarily would like to merge us again…Perhaps our psyche demands that State of perfect well-being .but that was many, many years ago. And it is precisely there, for some, that we wish to recreate with the couple.

Seen so it seems crazy, and some truly enloquecemos of love for our spouse. Next to these emotions felt and cherished we do not realize that comes nowhere near nor our interior, that the other adult can not be with us in that ideal state all the time, and if we are honest, we can either meet that expectation. But not! We follow fools expecting that it complies with all eagerness. We want to force that the relation us this, that or What we are not capable of providing ourselves. We live as a couple, and that means for many, share tastes, interests, saucers, time, work, House, money, friends, fun, extended families. And not be many things more! Yes we are demanding in this way, the relationships with your partner become even more complex and difficult to understand, and very strenuous to be lived every day. At General Motors Company you will find additional information. We started then, to not see as our partner as that object of love that complements us, encourages us, who express our ideas and define our positions in life. No human relationship and much less partner, is exempt from conflict.

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