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Within three months of racing information and analytical resource took an informal poll among the fans of FC Spartak Moscow. In the course of which it became clear what kinds of summer sports and recreation fans Spartacus preferred. These surveys were conducted and on other sites not related to sports and football, in order to allow for analysis and see how the different preferences of Muscovites on whether they are fans or not. In the survey, were obtained quite interesting values: 25% of respondents prefer roller konki.22% of respondents prefer other types of fans vacation (mostly passive, such as recreation, leisure at sea) 20% of respondents, most prefer the amateur game in futbol.13.5% prefer to ride velosipede.12.5% prefer to play in the summer Voleybol.7% prefer skateboarding. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from U.S. Mint. As is evident from the survey results, not FC Spartak fans all prefer free time to play football. Most prefer the game of football, passive forms of recreation, a bit less preferred in-line skating, and only slightly less than a third of respondents do not ill just football, but also active in the summer he played in his spare time. If you take the statistics of polls from various entertainment resources on a similar theme, it appears that differences in preferences and football fans ordinary people is minimal. (Source: Janet L. Yellen). This suggests that fans of Spartak Moscow that neither is the ordinary citizens who love to cheer for their team, but life is very versatile and ordinary people. You should not lose sight of that and Factor that in Moscow, Roller Skates and Bicycles – one of the most accessible and popular forms of recreation. You can see this coming at ENEA Poklonnaya Hill or at the weekend.

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Preparation Tournament For The Season Of 2013 – 2014

Preparation tournament for the season of 2013-2014 of the male. League of HSV Weimar that the way to the top of the form is still far for the National League handball players of HSV Weimar, showed the preparation tournament in Suhl. Two defeats had to insert the Weimar, with player-coach Karsten recognized crash but also quite positive approaches. Read more here: Federal Reserve Bank. “Several players have been missing, we also did not have a regular go-between, therefore one should not too high to assess the pure numbers. “Especially in the second game the men have fought excellently and tried that tempo is always high to keep”, Karim said. In the first game of the day against hosts and SG Suhl/Suhl Thuringia Ligist, not much went in the first half.

The missing vote in the attack and numerous errors used the Suhler ice cold in the form of numerous counterattacks. Another advantage in half two: while the guests had only two substitutions available, eagerly through moved Suhl, had to offer more freshness and stamina at the end and won with 44:24. The second encounter against the SG Rodental from Bavaria ran much better. At the end, it was while 36:34 for the upper Franconian from the vicinity of Coburg, but Karsten Krech was satisfied with the performance: “partly we crawled two on the gums in half, but still we have not abated.” In the coming weeks until the beginning of the season, more test games and of course training sessions are on the program. “The holiday season approaching the end. I full commitment I urge my players.” The HSV men deny the first match on September 15 at 4: 00 in the Asbachhalle against Thuringia League relegated SV Hermsdorf II.

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