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World War

Thousand of individuals are in all Brazil are submitted the conditions of enslaved works as parts dismissable human beings. The OIT in 1919, with the advent treat to Versailles after World War II, with objective of uniformizar the working questions, the overcoming of economic the subhumanas conditions of the work development, adopts six conventions specifies the protection of the health and the physical integrity of the workers recognizing as the part most fragile. But not yet it is enough, therefore the slavery still is present with a new roupagem that in such a way developed how much the globalization and the technologies, in the great metropolises is each more frequent day workers with modern illnesses as stress and the illnesses caused for the ambient conditions of work stealing its quality of life. In the field we can detach the enslaved work frequently contemporary, more for backwards of everything this the social matter says high more, therefore in the height of this work the poverty says high more, lacks decent work, the education and many are half-illiterates still are alarming the data divulged for the MTE of the enslaved work, being a question without reply. To who it bothers the dignity human being, injustice and, and beauty sensuality honesty poverty image of sadness less disfavored? In the height of the enslaved work the Northeast always detached because of the poverty and the indifference of the competent authorities with a system integrated in this practical of work that is a mortificao of the life human being and the dignity of the man, in a Country where the poor persons finish more than paying to 44% the rich taxes of what a slavery is imposed by our governing to liberate the man of the slavery and the torture is much more ample of what we imagine, is part of a guideline of conquests not only social more than inaquality that only can be fought by means of a reform tax that comes to have calculations as each social classroom at last pra to fight the slavery contemporary she is necessary to understand that: ' ' To finish with the slavery is not enough; she is necessary to destroy the workmanship of escravido' ' (Joaquin Nabuco) a capitalist world and one parcel out of the kept out of society population. Bibliography. To read more click here: Ajit Pai.

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The Area

The walls must be azulejadas, to respect minimum height of 2m and to have angles rounded off in the contact with the floor (Teixeira, 2006). The adequate ventilation assures certain degree of thermal, indispensable comfort to the accomplishment of the work HISSES (2002), affirms that in the industrial kitchen it must have separation enters all the areas of (meats, vegetables, fruits, masses and desserts) and if necessary an area for elaboration of special snacks and diets, independent of the number of meals. Manzalli (2006) relates that the area of the UAN must be located in point that facilitates the daily removal of the garbage. Camargo (2001) relates that the withdrawal of the garbage must be carried through at least two times to the day not to exhale odors and to attract insects. Jonathan Segal FAIA may find this interesting as well. For the item equipment, furniture and utensils we verify in table 1 that the UAN presented It bigger adequacy that UAN B or 66.7% and 61.9% respectively.

Mezomo (2002), it affirms that the equipment is considered item of utmost importance, therefore directly influence in the production of foods, being this a factor duly to be planned in the question physicist-functionary in a UAN. In what it refers to the conditions of the manipulators, is verified in table 1, that the UAN presented It 42.9% of conformity whereas UAN B 35.7%, demonstrating to low index of adequacy for ste item. According to ANVISA (2004, p.22) the uniform must be used only in the area of preparation of foods, changed daily and kept clean and conserved and the employees they must follow hygiene standards. Being important to remember that the worker can be the first one to suffer to the impacts from the productive processes and the population to be reached from the consumption of these products (HEALTH DEPARTMENT, 2007, p.28). For SENAC (2001), the supervision of the employees can be executed by the proprietors, responsible technician or for an employee, since whom this is enabled.

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