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The Furniture

Curtains, lamps, Decorative elements also need to decorate the room. Standard kitchen equipment "softened" through the curtains, made of cotton, staple or linen fabrics. Their color and pattern depend on the total color space. If the color of the walls and kitchen furniture is made in the same vein, you can use a fabric with a clear decorative pattern, if the walls and furniture variegated or brightly colored, cozy kitchen will make discreet, pale curtains. This rule applies to tablecloths, towels. Living room The main focus in the regeneration of one-bedroom apartment must be paid to the living room, which assumes the functions of not only the bedroom and living room, but and working room. Furniture and equipment must be universal.

This will not clutter up the space of an apartment. One option – built-in cabinets, which are usually mounted on the end of the room. Naturally, the question arises: where table, chairs, beds? On that you can take, where to rest? But here, from the cabinet separates the plane – there is a table, open the side doors – now and chairs are in place. Thus, the living room you can optionally turned into a workroom for classes or, conversely, free sex games for children. How to do it? First of all, universal rack-mount wall, which you can remove the furniture and equipment. Cabinet must be designed for four or five separate sections, which could "hide" two beds, working or dining table, bookshelves, etc. Here is given a place for clothes and personal belongings.

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