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All we like to always see us very well when we go out to some major event, Festival, meeting with friends, marriage or anything else. Why is that of hair irons, have become one of the most important tools and useful for all of us. Thanks to them, it is now much more easy to be ready and beautiful, besides that we save lots of money and time in beauty salons. Before he played us last for most of an afternoon, or a morning in a beauty salon waiting turn, and while we arranged. Etc. Now all that time can recover it, looking for clothes for us, or fixing us fingernails, because with an iron at home yourself you can fix your hair and without delay you so long. Thanks to these plates, we can reduce the volume of our hair, going from crespas to smooth in minutes.

It seems like magic, but it’s great. In the market, we will find many plates, but how to know what are the best plates of hair? Very simple, you must look first and foremost which is a certificate instead. That you get warranty for the iron. You must choose one that has temperature control, because you can control the exact heat your hair can receive, if you have thin hair it is better that you planches average temperature; If you have the hair very thick you ironed at high temperature. The iron should also be ceramic, do not buy those that have metal plates, those damaged you just hair. Why is that many women say to use the plates of hair damage it, but it is because they do not use a good iron.

If you look at all the famous women in the world. They use plates daily, the Queens of beauty, models, actresses and singers. They used everyday plates and hair they look radiant. But it is because they use the best products, in addition to caring for the hair with the best treatments to protect him from the heat of the iron, moisturize as it should be. And the big famous stylists in the world, recommend them. Then why not use them? This is something very important, never use the iron with wet hair. In addition to that It can be very dangerous, it can damage your hair and also not really the results you were expecting.

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CACHEANDO content in PHP imagine that you have a content portal in which we say that on the main page there are many database accesses. Whenever a user accesses such a page all queries, are released when in reality the outcome of such consultations does not vary much. For example a system of news with this system of caching only an inquiry will be launched into your DB when a new story is published. You can do the same with comments, links in this way systems all visits that you have only the first will to your DB queries when there are new, the rest see the output caching. A simple example of caching php: ob_start(); / / starts the output buffer echo this text in the buffer! ; / / writes something that goes to the buffer $bufferContent = ob_get_contents(); / / stored in contents of the buffer to a variable ob_end_clean (); / / stop and clean the output buffer echo $bufferContent; do / / writes the contents of the buffer? > now go with the interesting thing. The first visitor that uses the output buffer will create a System aceleras the burden of content on sites with much traffic to your DB.

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