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The skills in the sport bets are more frequent than it seems. In tennis there are being numerous suspicions in many parties. For example it happened with Davydenko years ago. It played against a player of worse ranking than and had gained the first Seth. But suddenly, an enormous sum of money in favor of the rival of Davydenko moved, happening this a to be favorite, and giving to the Russian the highest quotas (and I repeat that it went already gaining 1-0 in sets). Obvious, the party ended the overcome one of its Argentine rival, and the alarms in Betfair jumped against the possible skill of ” Nikolay”.

Another example in tennis occurred very recently, hardly one week ago. In a party of first round of Wimbledon between Melzer and Odesnik, 300,000 Euros of blow moved to that the Austrian would gain the party in three sets (quota that was pleased over @4.00). Betfair then closed all the bets of that party. The end, obvious. Melzer 3-0 won, and again the suspicions arose from skill. When concluding the party, both players was asked to them if they knew something on this subject, and both they denied astonished. Like these cases, there are other so many in tennis, although of smaller repercussion, than it causes that every day more this sport is questioned.

It is clear that we will never find a skill in parties of players of TOP 5, however, they are quite abundant in players of smaller ranking. We do not think that only they exist in tennis, but also in leagues smaller of soccer, and in party even as vital as those of the reduction in First Division, as it happened with the Athletic and Levante, when first it gambled and the other no. Is necessary to see as the sport bets in Latin America go that although move the less amount of money that in Europe, is more and more popular.

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Ambiguous Helmet

Welcomes to the Ambiguous Helmet of Almeria Ignacio Grouse Almeria already has a Urban Plan to revitalize with a small piece of that Plan the historical center of the capital. Desirable it would be, indeed, an impulse to the ratline that has resisted the time and to the seduction of the tourism, in the hope of a deserved treatment to as much ambiguity. An old helmet that nothing has to do with the dry rate, sincopado, of the modern city that gives account those who visits to us of Almeria of high equal brick blocks, equal streets that raise and lower towards the abyss of the sea without a single corner that deserved to have name. And it assaults the doubt to me if this city council will be able to recover the pulse of an old helmet to stop being an ambiguous helmet. For assistance, try visiting Ajit Pai. The historical center is still for its inhabitants a mental and sentimental landscape, painted with the colors of the tenderness and nostalgia, a close landscape in accordance with its moods. And it wants to continue being the picture of that close piece of city, carrier of social and urban values that leave pieces in the open of its passed history, instead of that exasperating urban vision of catenary wires and rubble in its streets.

It is difficult to define the beauty of the historical center of Almeria, is difficult and it requires a concerted effort of spacing. In order to understand it is necessary it to be soaked of him, to live it and to be contributor of its dumb messages; to watch the quiebros of its streets and to feel observed by those eternal glances of its neighbors who watch the intrascendente. From time to time I wander about in the style of ” flaneur” of Baudelaire. It is my favorite activity, with shutdowns in some corner or some bar in which I impregnate myself of the scents, the noises, atmospheres, of its atmosphere, far from from Almeria extension of concrete, asphalt and traffic. The old helmet, the route of I disillusion for tourists and neighbors, sees daily march past by its streets people, visitors with arrogant shining glance and. The sense of route of I disillusion is the one of the traveller who is going of the routinist of his life to look for, to watch, to be with time to return later to where it left with a sensation of loss of heart, with the impression of not finding what wanted. That is not what they love his neighbors, nor want to wake up suddenly and to discover that the historical center, the one who take in desire, is not but that a waif reality, one more a picaresque ensoacin of the city-planning one, the legal thing against the ambiguous thing. At the moment, while the Town hall causes that ” change radical” that it wants to give to the old helmet promised by his mayor, welcomes to the Ambiguous Helmet.

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The Empathy

It consists of the capacity to feel just like anybody although we do not know him or, even, although it does not fall to us well. The empathy is an innate mmica in the man who grows and he is trained with the experience, and he allows us to put us in the place of any other person. For this reason, if you have intention to work in equipment, even with strangers she empatizar with them. If you think to use to an equipment for his own aims, if a goes to take advantage him will not empatizar with them. The corporal language offers a tool us very easy and powerful to measure the empathy of a subject towards us: the technique of the windshield wiper.

Without never letting speak, without stopping watching the eyes, it looks for the face of his interlocutor and exactly places his in the same axis that the other face, totally parallel to him. Soon it moves his head very smoothly, according to a lateral axis, the same movement that makes a windshield wiper. In empathy situation and, only in empathy situation, his interlocutor will change the inclination of his face to be parallel to you. This movement can make sure its intentions doing several times. If the axis of its head follows yours, it follows to you as much of mental form as physical.

If, on the contrary, one does not move (almost with certainty it has the rigid and inclined face to the right) rejects to feel empathy with you. It is careful, it wants to take advantage or to ignore to him. I am going to him to put duties simple. It so makes the technique of the windshield I have explained what it. It uses this wonderful tool of the nonverbal communication. Side as he is able to perceive the empathy of its interlocutor with an amazing effectiveness. For more information on the corporal language it visits Original author and source of the article.

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Temple Establishment

Between century IV and III a. C. the village was Romanised and to the east of the establishment a temple that was dedicated first a Apolo, to Vesta and, finally, Jano was constructed soon, and that was nicknamed " The Rotonda" by its circular form. After the excavations they found tombs pertaining to that one time. Later, the inhabitants of the zone became to the Christianity; the temple was demolished and in his place Baptist was constructed to a church dedicated to San Juan.

At Norman-suabia time, the Emperor Federico II fortified the town surrounding it by walls and towers (nothing less than a fortnight) turning it into an unconquerable citadel. The city happened to look itself like a castle. The pilgrims coming from the Tavoliere of the Pulla and that went to Monte Sant" Angelo to venerate the cave in which it appeared the Arcngel San Miguel, crossed the Sacred Route Langobardorum. After a pause in the sanctuaries of Santa Maria I gave Stignano and of San Matteo, in San Marco in Lamis, they paused almost always in San Giovanni Rotondo. In San Giovanni Rotondo also it left its track San Francisco de Ass, in 1222, of return of the Sacred Cave of San Miguel. A franciscan convent was constructed in which it is at the moment the Way Michele D" Apolito, corner Via Pietro Giannone, but their rest disappeared after 1700. To to raise the Sanctuary, churches are that them to piles, sees the immense hospital that has become and that is very resorted reason why it represented while still alive of Pio father. One can go to visit the Convent of the Capucins, where it lived and it realised his works Fray de Pietralcina. In the convent is the cell number 5, that the Father occupied from his arrival to San Giovanni Rotondo to 1968. In his interior one is I milk, the Crucifijo, a large chest for the clothes, a small table, a writing-desk, two chairs and a hung shelf of the wall with some books.

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Educational Process

With the results obtained it was possible to verify that the fundamental concepts that they must know in the levels Secondary and Pre-university do not dominate in a high percent of the analyzed cases. This is same the base to be able to include/understand the new knowledge that are going away to distribute to the student in university education, on the other hand neither the students nor the educational ones see the importance of the subject of Physics for the later development of the professional of computer science thus the stimulus to study conscientiously the subject lacks also. Starting off of previously expressed and the experience of work with our students we designed a strategy to at least partly solve the difficulties that have the students with the subject from the needs that they they present/display, consisting of the design of a Course of Leveling with the contents necessary to face the exigencies of Physical Physics I and II. The same can be distributed in the Stage of Leveling of the Students of First Year, considering the curricular changes that delay are happened for the next course. A proposal of Model of Planning and Control of the Educational Process (P1) for the Course of Leveling of the Subject of Physics of the Students of Engineering in Computer science Sciences is elaborated. Model of Planning and Control of the Educational Process (P1) GENERAL PERFORMANCES Subject: Physics Discipline: Physics Race: Computer science engineering Academic year: First Semester: First DISTRIBUTION OF HOURS SUBJECTS C CP CTP S T L Eval Total Subject 1: Kinematics of the particle. 1 1 Subject 2: Dynamics of the particle. 1 2 3 Subject 3: Work and energy.

Conservation laws. 1 2 3 Subject 4: Mechanical oscillations and waves. 1 1 Subject 5: Thermodynamics. 1 1 2 Subject 6: Electromagnetic induction. 1 1 2 Subject 7: Optics. 1 1 Consolidation 1 1 2 Totals 5 9 3 15 4.CONCLUSIONES When studying the programs of the subjects of Physics in the different levels from education could be stated that the curriculum fulfills the requirements necessary to give support to the contents that will receive the students in the level superior, but actually this is limited by the deficiencies that exist in the preparation of the educational ones which they face the task of teaching, in their majority only use like education means learning the televising classes that although have a suitable level do not receive the pursuit that is expected. The students enter the faculty with difficulties in the dominion of basic concepts of the subject of Physics, which brings like consequences low indices of promotion, with the well-known levels by ricochet to the subject. After the realized analyses it becomes necessary to implement a leveling course for the students of the Regional Faculty of Artemisa who enter the university.

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