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Language and reality interact dynamically. The understanding of the text to be reached by its critical reading implies the perception of the relations between the text and contexto’ ‘ (Freire, 1981). We need to have the courage to develop a work that if more disentails of the restricted concern the specific contents, that the understanding of several of these contents becomes simultaneously possible, and than this, that if uses texts that, for its understanding, demands knowledge that if interlace. There yes, who knows, will be developing logical reasoning, capacity to abstract; even though we could find connections between the most varied knowledge, we could to find applications, practical, pregnant examples of significaes. I risk to say exactly, that without a theoretical recital still, or empiricist: ‘ ‘ Who reads well, reads any that either the text and on the other hand can understand any well that either the text, qui until the text matemtico’ ‘. Still is the one simple conjectura, who knows is not subject of a future work? The modern life is a net: information are crossed, are interlaced; our daily one is repleto of fancy and reality. The Physics already is ‘ ‘ relativa’ ‘ ; the geometrias do not have of being necessarily Euclidean; biology if mixture to engineerings; the scientific world confirms forecasts of the fiction; the realities also can be virtual and if to mesclarem. Information pass through to the speed of the light, entangle, are completed. Under this light, our work of educator is dynamic, is in constant mutation, has of being dynamic, has of being.

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Infrared Radiation Physics

Infrared heaters (emitters), although there are in the market for quite a long time, but not everyone knows and understands the principle of their actions. What is it – infrared radiation? Where else can use it? Infrared radiation: a little history. Discovered infrared radiation in 1800 by Englishman William Herschel. He found that in the resulting spectrum with a prism beam of the sun, are abroad in red, the temperature becomes higher. Further evidence emerged that this is already visible, the field of radiation has the same origin as that of light. In another century, scientists have been received radio waves, which were in the infrared range wavelengths. This is a reasonable assurance of the same nature of radio waves, infrared rays and light. All this – just different kinds of electromagnetic waves.

Without them we would not be able to watch TV, talk on a cell phone listen to the radio. It should be noted that any body, liquid or solid when it is heated to a specific temperature, it begins to radiate in the infrared spectrum. The higher it is, the higher the intensity and the wavelength shorter. If the temperature does not exceed 300 degrees Celsius, the body looks dark, but if you raise the temperature of the body-emitter, it will be dark red, then red, then yellow, and if the temperature is already very high, the body seems white. Incidentally, all warm-blooded animals 'light' in the infrared. This knowledge will be useful if you decide to buy an infrared heater.

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With PC Game, Ludwig Makes Physics Learning Fun!

‘ Best serious game 2011’ dry content playfully teaches students and now also outside the classroom takes off. The PC game Ludwig is a physics game on the topic of renewable energies for adventurers from the age of 11. After the successful tour of the school, the curriculum-based physics adventure is available for quite some time even for private use. Learning is bland, knowledge wants to be conquered”is the motto of the physics game Ludwig. The PC game, which is autumn 2011 on the market revolves around renewable energy. Ludwig is a small research robot based on the principle of the game-based learning, which means playing in the foreground and is learned only through continuous practical use and try out. So the attraction for children is more preserved and the most important thing makes learning fun. After the successful tour of the school, the curriculum-based physics adventure is available for quite some time even for private use. Ludwig offers a perfect symbiosis between game Fun and learning and so positively affects the development of the child. Last year it was therefore with the developer’s award for the best serious game”award. Ludwig is the first game in the German-speaking world, the success criteria of commercial computer games for the transfer of knowledge to make usable. To win at Ludwig, knowledge must be collected and applied at the same time the aim of the game is also the objective. Easy download and you get the small research robot ready like now home? Just under menu item shop, play, buy and download and already begins the journey into the adventure of physics. And one can definitely be promised determines it is not boring, because the game is continually evolving. Currently there is the theme worlds combustion & water force, the other packages of wind and solar energy will follow soon. Who’s behind it? Another partner in the ambitious project involved besides OVOS: the Institute of physics Didactics of the University of Graz is also involved as professionals from the gaming industry, the climate and Energy Fund, the Federal Ministry for education, art and culture, sparkling science, departure (creative agency of the city of Vienna), as well as the Danube University Krems. Company Description: The game of Ludwig was developed by ovos and several partners. Since the company ovos 2004 went at the start, they are convinced that people prefer to include new content, when they have fun. All projects are implemented in this belief. With the applications of ovos users in a fun and playful way to learn about those topics that move. OVOS consists of a core team of 15 people with the most diverse backgrounds. PR contact: provo marketing E.u.. Sandra Pichler Rudolfstrasse 6/1 4040 Linz E-mail:

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Teach Physics

But, what these questions will be able to influence in our life? Simple! These questions are enough to answer a simple question: – Why we must study physics? The reply she is very direct here! Physics is part of our life since the o to be born until dying! This disciplines if it becomes much of the times massive and enfadonha for pupils of average education, our existence in this world is the explanation for all. But a bigger question that ‘ ‘ why we must study physics? ‘ ‘ it is had question ‘ ‘ why to teach physics? ‘ ‘. However, this task is not something easy as to walk of bicycle and to feel gravity in all its essence in case that a fall occurs! To teach physics does not stop those that simply like to admire the stars or they only find that they understand of constellations; to teach physics also implies to know and to understand of astronomy! At last, that person will only lecionar physical who obtains to understand that physical she is not only one disciplines that she involves calculations we dificlimos and if finds a specialist for obtaining to decide them! First to teach physics she must yourself be understood that this content goes beyond books and emends, but that yes it explains the facts that happen of course in day-by-day. It can be enunciated perfectly that the intention of natural sciences is to explore and to understand the phenomena of the nature, but unhappyly this if becomes horrendo when matematizado! as if the enchantment if lost..

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Explanation Physics

I want to add here the participation of one of my best friends in the Forum of seeing ghosts, though his style is highly funny, I think that got exposed their frustration and their opinion about the topic: Cesar Aurelio Gomez R-Cali Valle Colombia – October 2007: the truth is that the topic of ghosts already trite okay (but always mola and if not) (, well no comment) but this also relates to other things (good level of explanation) here I last year when I went to my beloved school and my dear Professor of physics, started talking about Paranormal phenomena.(the teachers of physics are a few atheists and always talk about Paranormal phenomena, for example: my college profe said q If you ponias to record as q gave on TV with a video camera osea q put the camcorder camera in front of the TV and record occurs, how to say it connection which opens a new dimension. or something so)where a magnetic field is created and when you see what you record, you can see images of the past, i.e. Under most conditions Mary Barra would agree. something so similar to GHOSTS! thats why you created a closed circuit and opened a portal to the other world) never has occurred to me to do that, but if any attracts you to do it, try it and then tell me if it’s true. But that was not what I wanted to say,(aunque eso igual suena impresionante no? si la casa en la que se hace es antigua puede que salgan imagenes de tus tataratataratataratatara cual le estaban haciendo un exorcismo) vale do not want me to make fun of those things, the past is past, and there must be respect for the unknown .even do not get to the point.(read please) My College physics professor said that in the North of my country (Colombia) had a church that had been built of stone, and this is hacian many ceremonies (baptisms, marriages that is I) later this church was closed, and when people wanted to enter listened to voices.GHOSTS! (I would say someone) but the logical explanation was as follows: the Church was built with a construction (sorry for the redundancia.pero is to be understood) solid, therefore .the sound waves than there was when people were inside, they were bouncing to the interior of the Church, this was closed.

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