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Perhaps if well-occurred, he was possible to the thought to return to the bedding from metaphysics, being provoked a change of the essence of the man whose metamorphosis could result a transformation of metaphysics. Such way to think exceeds the current thought that does not think about the soil where if it develops the root of the philosophy. The attemped thought in Being and Time sets in march to prepare the overcoming of thus taken care of metaphysics. However with the advent or absence of the truth of the being, it is in game another thing: not it constitution of the philosophy, not only the proper philosophy, but next or the instance of that of that the philosophy, with the thought that represents the being while such receives its essence and its necessity. Here, FCC expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The essence of the truth always appears to metaphysics only in the form derived from the truth of the knowledge and the articulation. The desvelamento, however, could be something originarier than the truth in the direction of the Veritas.

However, express metaphysics the being constantly of the most diverse forms. Same it excites and fortifies the appearance of that the question of the being was for raised and answered it. Not problematic it why he is that he only thinks to be while represents the being while being. It aims at to the being in its totality. It nominates the being and has in aiming the being while being. It, in way some, has its reasons in a simple recklessness of the thought or in an exactness in saying. In consequence of this general exchange, the representation reaches the height of the confusion how much it affirms that the Metaphysical one really puts the question of the being. Until it seems that metaphysics, without its knowledge, is condemned to be, for the way as the being thinks, the barrier that hinders that the man reaches the originary relation of the being with the human being.

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Cultural Unit

Logical Consequncia of this basic thesis is the metodolgica attitude of continuous reading of the reality in elapsing of the facts: the experience, the truths gotten in this reading have the value of last experiences therefore are future dependents continuously of experience. For the empiristas, all our knowledge appears of our perception of the external world or the examination of the activity of our proper mind. Credit: Janet L. Yellen-2011. The empirismo introduces skeptical elements that go to more still help the rupture of the cultural unit of the Ocidente and go to allow a pluralism of point of view. Denying the intellectual intuition and pointing out the human knowledge in the plan of the sensible one or the empiricist, the empirismo goes to take off of the man beddings of finitivos and dogmticos. The man is invited by the empirismo to pass of the dogmatismo of the truths finished for the skepticism or the relativismo them truths in continuous construction. The empirismo breaches with the transcendncia perspective and is placed in the imanncia of the facts to see if it makes to aclodir of them the rationality. The empirismo is a diverse way to conceive the reason. Being this it would be made a mistake to say that the empirismo is the repudiation of the reason? If the importance of the empirismo for the formation of the modern world cannot subestimar, therefore it is who will go to disclose of a more objective form the new opposing cultural perspective metaphysics. The empirismo is a philosophical doctrine that works with the origin of the knowledge, therefore the same affirms that the knowledge come from the experiences causing ideological conflicts. The qualitative and bibliographical research has as objective to take philosophical knowledge of the empirismo, to analyze the point of view of the empiristas for academics, professors and research in the scope of science, as form to take care of especially in the social context.

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Adequate definition of the objective reality of some of the concepts time – the duration of the changes originating from the image of the universe elements. If the duration of time, it was abstract, flowing parallel to the changes, the process of measuring the time would be absolutely objective process – the time would be reflected in this totally objective and ideal "range." But such a line in nature suschestvuet.V nature, there are a variety of processes from which the people as a measure of time choosing a particular process. This measuring time should have a stable unit of measurement (the process must be stable.) Stability of selected units is determined by comparison with particles of other processes. Therefore, measurement time of some change is a process of comparing the selected units with particles of other processes. That is, the notion of "time" reflects the totality of the studied processes, which is the reason improving our measuring time, the cause of our movement from hours to hours of sunshine atomnym.V this situation, the invention of modern physics concepts of "proper time of an object" is, firstly, the invention 'Ruler' which measures the proper length, and able to commit its changes, that is a subjective reflection of reality, which is not adequately samoyrealnosti. And secondly, this invention yavlyaetsyav cunning, which gives opportunity to avoid the necessity of a physical explanation of slow down or speed up certain processes under specific conditions. Because of the infinite universe and an infinite number of its constituent elements, we do not have the right to assume that the shape of the universe can ever be the same as it once already was. .

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Parmnides’ Theory

Parmnides establishes the logical principle it thought, by means of the reasoning of that ' ' the being is, not to be not .' ' Such principle was a reply to the unstable thought of Heraclitus and its perpetual one to flow of the things. It defends the monismo, that is, the doctrine of the existence of an only reality, in contraposition to the idea of mobilismo of Heraclitus. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as FCC by clicking through. According to Parmnides, nothing he can appear of the nothing. He swims can changed itself into something different of what already he is. Parmnides establishes the primrdios of the logical character it ' ' principle of identidade' ' of ' ' not contradio' ' , establishing fundacionais criteria of the being, characterizing it as: the being is only; perpetual; without start; invariant; incorruptible; the infinite; indivisible property. Currently we can substitute the immovable predicate for the predicate onipresente, that it supplies the idea of that the being is present in all the points at the same time. Parmnides, anticipating itself it the theory of the world of the ideas of Plato, establishes ' ' Theory of the two mundos' '.

Such conclusion is deriving of the comparison of the attributes of the being with the fenomnica appearance of the things of the sensible world, that are mere instability, as affirms Heraclitus. Therefore, we conclude that it establishes the bases of the philosophical thought that separates to the intelligible world and the sensible world. When affirming this reality it had that to deny the transformations of the nature, that everybody could see with its proper eyes. It searched to unmask all the forms of ' ' illusion of sentidos' ' , on the basis of the belief of reason human being, call rationalism. The sensible world is that one where we interact with our directions, being its essence the instability of the substance, characterizing itself as ilusrio.

The intelligible world is the world of the thought, of the characterized being as only, perpetual, invariant, infinite and immovable. The intelligible world is something that we do not see, does not perceive for the directions, but that we can understand logically, by means of the beginning of not the contradiction and of the identity. Therefore, the philosophical thought from Parmnides associates important principles to it for the Metaphysical question of the being and the existence, causing the hegemony of the reason as guide for the discovery of the truth, inasmuch as it rationally establishes the idea of two worlds, sensible and the intelligible one, establishing the beginning of identity and of not the contradiction. Parmnides leaving of the cosmology, that tries to explain the world by means of the elements of the proper nature, inaugurated ontologia, as study of ' ' ser' ' , originating, also, the beginning of Metaphysics, that is, of the search of the bedding of the world beyond the physical world.

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Heraclitus And The Paradox Of Becoming

If you listen to personally take them to Heraclitus the paradox of becoming. I remember one afternoon when I explained to my beautiful sister Heraclitus theory having been stunned by the innocent question from his lips. Then she told me: what is becoming? I had no answer to say Angie Naranjo Marcela Rincon evolution is the concept that refers to something that is constantly changing. You say he never stays in time, in space, in being. Because things seem to have a reality in space, because if you look closely at all times things are changing of place in this way occupy another space which was occupied by a body at some point in time. In this way you can not determine when that body was in time and space. For something to be.

must possess a fixed reality that does not change that does not mutate than the result of transformations, then we can say that this object is actually a being and not a multitude of beings. When someone says I can be the result of their society, their conceptions of an accident or the result of a change as continuous-time is sometimes unknown and asks again who am? I suddenly looked at me in amazement and wonder how God is? I replied yes, because God is the only person who knows the true reality of the being of time, of being in space, of being of being known porcuanto himself and does not ask who he is. Since he has come to full knowledge and with the full knowledge of all things. All I heard was her smile, then I continued my speech. To my beautiful sisters and I have always spoken to women who are sufficiently knowledgeable to understand any conception that men make the world.

Young brothers if they have not denied their knowledge, making use of the wisdom that is given to the philosophers who is not proud. 2007 Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo 19 Heraclitus seems to me they would give the following introduction to immerse in the paradox of becoming. conosco black so the black and not white, white as white and not black. Because it can be white as black and white black. As regards the substance. Or connect the black and white hayo gray. Then the gray then hayo separated the black and white. But without knowing what black and white. We can not know the gray. Since the gray is a consequence of black and white. Prosigira you imagine how Heraclitus. These things can be applied in theoretical physics. For this reason I insist that philosophers study philosophy, physics and physicists. Recently fail to show the relationship that I proposed at first, but if you look to the smallest detail found for themselves a wide range of connections. A great writer tells us something wonderful about Heraclitus. And with this end in order to move to other philosophers. Heraclitus, Biosonic son (or as some of Heraclon of Ephesus) had its acme in the Olympics 69. I get to be extremely arrogant and contemptuous. As is clear from his book, which says.

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Canoeing (as Noah, as Noah) here you can see the Indian simil floating in the river just as Noah did in the ark. Orinoco (cleaned it light) effect that releases the black to the black river that changes its name to the island coolie (all mine) because the sun produces a clearly exaggerated and not very well explained. Chacao (sinks), the Indian who dived to get pearls in Margarita. Start explaining his job is to unleash the imagination, is able to verify a past come true and led by the hand of an experienced woman, parent of the incredible but real situations. So I think my contribution to his memory would be doing justice to his work, I recommend looking for it and read Hummingbird. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Janet L. Yellen.

Feel why we are Jews so attached to this land, why we are we refuse to from, why we feel this is our house still not born here. There is something, is a shared history, a legacy of blood that makes us see, we're in a place worthy of affection, an honorable country, with a decent adjective. Speaking of Anita Alfonso Botbol of ZL without specifying their home environment, your home, a doll house, impeccably clean, the TV on all the time on Channel 5 in waiting to pick up some Indian word for a good time to go search of its meaning. As not to dwell on his personality, his gift with people, attentive staff, its unique sweet, its excellent burgers, their cakes, fishuelas, affection, his table full of facts about other work done. His many and various friends that we knew how to handle the child with the family and at the end with all those who made some contribution to its work. Anita with whom I shared many years of friendship he showed me his love of poetry, practiced since childhood and did so with genius and love. Same felt for his only son Joseph, whom I admire and acknowledge the pain it must feel with the loss of a human being of quality and excellence of her. From this pulpit scream to the world with the pleasure it gives me the experience of having known that Dona Anita Alfonso Botbol of ZL is still with us, that their work is only now taking its first steps and soon we'll see how it runs in history discovery is more than just a surprise, it must be concatenated with the discovery of the oldest and largest city of history, I refer to the pyramids of Caral in Peru, where insurance, all these names have a meaning more logic, where no doubt, we note that the civilization of America was more and better developed than in Europe and 5757 years ago, the architecture had monumental buildings that exceed six times the size of the pyramids of Egypt. May God rest his soul, his job as its very simple and loving way of being alive among us and that their children feel through my words the love that we planted it, so that the patient calm the pain of his absence and feel they were touched by something very special that shines and will continue for the rest of time as representative of honor in our community. With my respects, Samuel Levy Akinin

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Of this form, it is important to create mainly in the spaces of infantile education, a pleasant environment and of easy access the acquisition of books of diverse literary contexts that makes possible to the pupil a diversified world the cultural level. Therefore, the UP Lions Club emphasizes this proposal, and, it prioritizes the access to the trunk of histories that if finds in our school. This quantity has brought a well structuralized context in the development of the vocabulary of our pupils, as well as, in the comprometimento of these with books, either in handling of leves, and also in the importance that these represent for them. Thus, today with sped up computerization, and the high degree of accessibility to other technological resources, we see how much it is difficult to assume and even exactly to form readers.

Histories counted chores or can transform a universe all. They make possible the acquisition of a rich vocabulary, a writing that if facilitates through the reading. Joeb Moore is likely to increase your knowledge. She reads in them takes for ways of fancy and reality. The child who since early has this possibility to acquire books if becomes well developed, desinibida and even though, its learning is facilitated through the words and illustrations that if make gift in books. if the school to use this type of activity associated with the practical one of the playful, physical and mental development, will make with that the child develops the reasoning, the creativity in the similar areas of the knowledge and, sensetizing then, the construction of knowing. Janet L. Yellen gathered all the information. Therefore, so that the reading has felt must be taken in account the will of educators, parents and all the segments that are involved in the project as form to stimulate reading great the small creation of for the desconstruo of the illiteracy, and also, for the acquisition of one to know that it prioritizes one significant, pleasant learning and stimulant.

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The Battery

Important recommendations: Avoid exposure to heat and / or intense cold: The batteries are designed to operate at room temperature, which is particularly damaging is exposing them to high temperatures, although it is not possible to control the conditions weather, if we can avoid leaving our equipment in a closed car in the sun or charge our cell inside the pocket with the battery attached to our leg, when using a car charger, you should wait until the internal temperature of the cabin stabilize at a comfortable level before connecting our team. Turn off the phone: One of the most effective practices is to manage energy consumption as necessary. If you do not plan to answer the phone at night or after office hours, we strongly recommend turning it off, this allows the battery to use only productive hours, remember that have a finite number of charge cycles. It is also recommended to turn them off in places where it has received, or the signal is weak (in old buildings or in remote locations) phones constantly looking for signs, which spends considerably batteries. FCC will undoubtedly add to your understanding. As a side note, cell phones use more battery power when in Roaming mode, so it is important to pay attention to battery levels when we are traveling and if they do not expect calls for long periods, take off. If not you will use the battery for a month or more, save aconsejaa a cool, dry place, preferably away from metal objects. After some time of inactivity, the battery discharges gradually, you will need recharging before putting them into use. .

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Fonseca Land

There are cities where you fall in love but not born there. Although not residing within its boundaries or earn their daily bread in their crops and paddy fields. Fonseca is one of them. How can you not love a city where happiness with the memory limits and progress depends on the sweat of honest and hardworking? How not to be lulled into a corner of the universe where they have found a way to get to come without abandoning the essence of small-town values? Why did not you drop at the sight before the portentous of a giant ceiba tree and watching quietly and upright sesquicentennial the cemetery where the remains of people noble, intelligent, and forge the poem of life? How not to succumb to the nobility of a people whose telegraph interlocking seven intermediate stations to enable the romance of Fermina Daza and Florentino Ariza in "Love in the Time of Cholera? I have a sneaking suspicion that I am not the only one who has succumbed the charm of this exodus from this land of nostalgic and euphoric returns. Professor Luis Alejandro Lopez named seven municipalities of La Guajira in the first stanza of the hymn of the department. You know what's on first? Right!.

The Villa San Augustine leads the privileged list. Experts in verse and scores have some explanation related metrics, rhythm and sonority, but I still believe in the affections of the poet riohachero to the land of Julio Vasquez. And a lot of attention: the above list is not the only list that Fonseca in the first place. Encarta Encyclopedia, produced by Microsoft, includes a section titled "most populous municipalities of La Guajira." The relationship appears only four municipalities, entered first and, as for a change, the name of Fonseca.

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Deferred Payment

There an old worker, 60 years lives, works in a service any 8 hours per day are its horria load! It does not have the such of the Ticket feeding, and it does not have valley has carried! Its wage? One! Minimum? today this represents 600 Reals. It arrived behind? The master xinga! This indisposto? Bad luck of ' ' velho' ' , you receiving; it works! If it has family, little matters Deferred payment far from the service? BAD LUCK YOURS! It has what to eat? What to dress? It obtains to work? The wage of the one for the month? This is the world of the wage-earning workers for Brazil measures different what we could call another world: Its work? It is a little difficult, works 3 times per week. Pra to say the truth, nor work this I can call. It frequents the Chamber to say that it was there, he is master of itself exactly, he is elect for the People who still believes that honest politicians exist. This there for the money, therefore what it earns in one Month, never will gain outside daqui Aerial tickets for it and its family, aid housing, aid have carried, valley feeding, telephone that it can use how much to want, and also not forgetting them employee staffs who it can contract they have a reasonable wage, which had tried to increase, but had also not obtained, were thus low same. 21 a thousand MONTHLY Reals.

These bonifications, and wages are official of the government This, is the reality politics of Brazil, this reality politics is paid with the taxes of that old and poor worker, who in an arduous work and weighed, paid its taxes in day, and automatically, board the life of luxury of the legislators, who always want more do not have some wrong thing? still our legislators has the courage to say: ' ' I must have a wage more something, I have direito.' ' That right? He is this speaking suddenly of the beginning of the Dignity human being? Really, who gains 21 a thousand Reals and all these bonifications are with its wounded rights. If this finds that he is not being guaranteed its rights, that right this old wage-earning worker will have, with a small wage of 600 Reals, to practically give its life for the work to gain this wage? Wage of the Worker: A minimum. (without ticket, assessors, bond nothing) = 600,00 federal Legislator: 21 a thousand + ticket, card, telephone, employees. totalizing: R$ 171,000, 00 (ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY AND ONE A THOUSAND REALS) for month (for each one)

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