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Adequate definition of the objective reality of some of the concepts time – the duration of the changes originating from the image of the universe elements. If the duration of time, it was abstract, flowing parallel to the changes, the process of measuring the time would be absolutely objective process – the time would be reflected in this totally objective and ideal "range." But such a line in nature suschestvuet.V nature, there are a variety of processes from which the people as a measure of time choosing a particular process. This measuring time should have a stable unit of measurement (the process must be stable.) Stability of selected units is determined by comparison with particles of other processes. Therefore, measurement time of some change is a process of comparing the selected units with particles of other processes. That is, the notion of "time" reflects the totality of the studied processes, which is the reason improving our measuring time, the cause of our movement from hours to hours of sunshine atomnym.V this situation, the invention of modern physics concepts of "proper time of an object" is, firstly, the invention 'Ruler' which measures the proper length, and able to commit its changes, that is a subjective reflection of reality, which is not adequately samoyrealnosti. And secondly, this invention yavlyaetsyav cunning, which gives opportunity to avoid the necessity of a physical explanation of slow down or speed up certain processes under specific conditions. Because of the infinite universe and an infinite number of its constituent elements, we do not have the right to assume that the shape of the universe can ever be the same as it once already was. .

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Fonseca Land

There are cities where you fall in love but not born there. Although not residing within its boundaries or earn their daily bread in their crops and paddy fields. Fonseca is one of them. How can you not love a city where happiness with the memory limits and progress depends on the sweat of honest and hardworking? How not to be lulled into a corner of the universe where they have found a way to get to come without abandoning the essence of small-town values? Why did not you drop at the sight before the portentous of a giant ceiba tree and watching quietly and upright sesquicentennial the cemetery where the remains of people noble, intelligent, and forge the poem of life? How not to succumb to the nobility of a people whose telegraph interlocking seven intermediate stations to enable the romance of Fermina Daza and Florentino Ariza in "Love in the Time of Cholera? I have a sneaking suspicion that I am not the only one who has succumbed the charm of this exodus from this land of nostalgic and euphoric returns. Professor Luis Alejandro Lopez named seven municipalities of La Guajira in the first stanza of the hymn of the department. You know what's on first? Right!.

The Villa San Augustine leads the privileged list. Experts in verse and scores have some explanation related metrics, rhythm and sonority, but I still believe in the affections of the poet riohachero to the land of Julio Vasquez. And a lot of attention: the above list is not the only list that Fonseca in the first place. Encarta Encyclopedia, produced by Microsoft, includes a section titled "most populous municipalities of La Guajira." The relationship appears only four municipalities, entered first and, as for a change, the name of Fonseca.

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