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Quios School

Contrary case one of them would eliminate all the others. Therefore, the primordial principle of the universe is neutral. The last milesiano thinker was Anaximenes, disciple of Anaxmandro, having blossomed in century VI B.C. For this, the universe (physis) is resulted of transformations of an infinite air (pneuma peiron). Of its book in &#039 chats; ' On the Natureza' ' , in them some fragmentos had arrived, beyond making use of indirect certifications. For this philosopher, everything is formed by air: the soul is air, the fire, rarefied air; of thick air the water results. In case that air if still becomes thicker, land or rock is changedded into. This theory has the great advantage to establish enters the diverse materials only one graduation in the concentration of the primordial element, air.

Anaximenes introduced with this thought a concept that would go to influence the future philosophies: he identifies the last constitution of the physis and identifies the process capable to create the multiplicity of all the things that they form universe. The new jnica school the new jnica school dedicated to reevaluate it the thought of its predecessors, basically developing its ideas taking for base the thought of Anaximenes. Amongst the philosophers of the new jnica school, whose references had arrived we, we have: – Ideo de Himera was born and lived in century V B.C., being almost contemporary of Scrates. Its ideas still deal with the subject of air, as primordial element of the physis. – Cleidemo, disciple of Anaximenes, developed research in the field of meteorology and the physics. On the other hand, Cleidemo developed a series of relative hypotheses to the directions, using the air concept as main element: the palate is resultant of air; the olfato and the hearing alone exist I smell because it and the sound is carried by air. – Enpides de Quios, that lived in century V B.C.

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Veritas Philosophy

Perhaps if well-occurred, he was possible to the thought to return to the bedding from metaphysics, being provoked a change of the essence of the man whose metamorphosis could result a transformation of metaphysics. Such way to think exceeds the current thought that does not think about the soil where if it develops the root of the philosophy. The attemped thought in Being and Time sets in march to prepare the overcoming of thus taken care of metaphysics. However with the advent or absence of the truth of the being, it is in game another thing: not it constitution of the philosophy, not only the proper philosophy, but next or the instance of that of that the philosophy, with the thought that represents the being while such receives its essence and its necessity. Here, FCC expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The essence of the truth always appears to metaphysics only in the form derived from the truth of the knowledge and the articulation. The desvelamento, however, could be something originarier than the truth in the direction of the Veritas.

However, express metaphysics the being constantly of the most diverse forms. Same it excites and fortifies the appearance of that the question of the being was for raised and answered it. Not problematic it why he is that he only thinks to be while represents the being while being. It aims at to the being in its totality. It nominates the being and has in aiming the being while being. It, in way some, has its reasons in a simple recklessness of the thought or in an exactness in saying. In consequence of this general exchange, the representation reaches the height of the confusion how much it affirms that the Metaphysical one really puts the question of the being. Until it seems that metaphysics, without its knowledge, is condemned to be, for the way as the being thinks, the barrier that hinders that the man reaches the originary relation of the being with the human being.

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Cultural Unit

Logical Consequncia of this basic thesis is the metodolgica attitude of continuous reading of the reality in elapsing of the facts: the experience, the truths gotten in this reading have the value of last experiences therefore are future dependents continuously of experience. For the empiristas, all our knowledge appears of our perception of the external world or the examination of the activity of our proper mind. Credit: Janet L. Yellen-2011. The empirismo introduces skeptical elements that go to more still help the rupture of the cultural unit of the Ocidente and go to allow a pluralism of point of view. Denying the intellectual intuition and pointing out the human knowledge in the plan of the sensible one or the empiricist, the empirismo goes to take off of the man beddings of finitivos and dogmticos. The man is invited by the empirismo to pass of the dogmatismo of the truths finished for the skepticism or the relativismo them truths in continuous construction. The empirismo breaches with the transcendncia perspective and is placed in the imanncia of the facts to see if it makes to aclodir of them the rationality. The empirismo is a diverse way to conceive the reason. Being this it would be made a mistake to say that the empirismo is the repudiation of the reason? If the importance of the empirismo for the formation of the modern world cannot subestimar, therefore it is who will go to disclose of a more objective form the new opposing cultural perspective metaphysics. The empirismo is a philosophical doctrine that works with the origin of the knowledge, therefore the same affirms that the knowledge come from the experiences causing ideological conflicts. The qualitative and bibliographical research has as objective to take philosophical knowledge of the empirismo, to analyze the point of view of the empiristas for academics, professors and research in the scope of science, as form to take care of especially in the social context.

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Parmnides’ Theory

Parmnides establishes the logical principle it thought, by means of the reasoning of that ' ' the being is, not to be not .' ' Such principle was a reply to the unstable thought of Heraclitus and its perpetual one to flow of the things. It defends the monismo, that is, the doctrine of the existence of an only reality, in contraposition to the idea of mobilismo of Heraclitus. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as FCC by clicking through. According to Parmnides, nothing he can appear of the nothing. He swims can changed itself into something different of what already he is. Parmnides establishes the primrdios of the logical character it ' ' principle of identidade' ' of ' ' not contradio' ' , establishing fundacionais criteria of the being, characterizing it as: the being is only; perpetual; without start; invariant; incorruptible; the infinite; indivisible property. Currently we can substitute the immovable predicate for the predicate onipresente, that it supplies the idea of that the being is present in all the points at the same time. Parmnides, anticipating itself it the theory of the world of the ideas of Plato, establishes ' ' Theory of the two mundos' '.

Such conclusion is deriving of the comparison of the attributes of the being with the fenomnica appearance of the things of the sensible world, that are mere instability, as affirms Heraclitus. Therefore, we conclude that it establishes the bases of the philosophical thought that separates to the intelligible world and the sensible world. When affirming this reality it had that to deny the transformations of the nature, that everybody could see with its proper eyes. It searched to unmask all the forms of ' ' illusion of sentidos' ' , on the basis of the belief of reason human being, call rationalism. The sensible world is that one where we interact with our directions, being its essence the instability of the substance, characterizing itself as ilusrio.

The intelligible world is the world of the thought, of the characterized being as only, perpetual, invariant, infinite and immovable. The intelligible world is something that we do not see, does not perceive for the directions, but that we can understand logically, by means of the beginning of not the contradiction and of the identity. Therefore, the philosophical thought from Parmnides associates important principles to it for the Metaphysical question of the being and the existence, causing the hegemony of the reason as guide for the discovery of the truth, inasmuch as it rationally establishes the idea of two worlds, sensible and the intelligible one, establishing the beginning of identity and of not the contradiction. Parmnides leaving of the cosmology, that tries to explain the world by means of the elements of the proper nature, inaugurated ontologia, as study of ' ' ser' ' , originating, also, the beginning of Metaphysics, that is, of the search of the bedding of the world beyond the physical world.

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Synthetic Life

' Reading the text above, I of bus remembered certain day, not very distant, come, of a great city of the interior of the state, I listened to a colloquy very stranger, who if uncurled between two passengers who travelled soon in the armchair behind minha' '. He was two young youngsters, of whom they make the young women to suspirarem, blond of blue eyes, of a meter and ninety or, speaking with one sotaque americanizado, but more perfectly understandable one stature raised, perhaps. The colloquy turned on the family of the two, they talked on, as they would go to say the definitive person who, was unaware of part of its infancy, as one of them, it did not remember where had been born, nor of who age its parents. One of them said that only it remembered to have waked up in that hospital, that in, truth was a laboratory. FCC is full of insight into the issues. Suddenly it came me the head, a horrible thought; he will be that those youngsters were exactly human, or binicos rubores, or, or knows there what. The trip transcorreu without bigger problems, taking off the hard jolts and catabios provoked for the holes, of asphalt all good ran.

In the landing, what I saw one those young to make I was chocking. One of them after to go down of the bus was ties a wall, pulled a wire of its pocket, in the tip of this had one plug, it threaded in a taking, it took off some thing of the other pocket and threaded in the ear, and it started if to twist as if it was feeling much pain. I astonish in foot looking at everything that, without understanding nothing, followed my way. Later, thinking with calmer, I found that it was to hear music, and with this thought I was to take care of of my life. But now with this I announce already I do not accept more the explanations of my brain saying that those youngsters were to listen to music, not, today I I know that those men were really Clones children without espritos, soul, the blow The holy ghost of GOD, father without mother, without love, total unprovided of feelings. This constatao in scares until today, is very sad when I think that I can is seated to the side of that it does not feel Pain. Because he is son of a Plate mother, Of: Bartolomeu Teixeira Young chicken

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One of the few historical notes on the subject was to the creation of a nucleus of intellectual formation for women, educational establishment only established for Disembarasses, poetess of Lesbos that was born in 625 B.C. At this time, thought that invigorated is of that the women only had right to a body and a mind, but never the two at the same time, therefore in such a way the woman never could generate the reason. In the vision of Pitgoras ' ' a good principle exists that it generated the order, the light and the man; it has one I begin bad that it generated the chaos, the darknesses and mulher' '. Plato already withheld a diverse thought, the women was so capable to manage how much the man, therefore for it who governs had the obligation to manage city-State if using of the reason and for Plato the women they withheld the same reason that the men. Aristotle saw the woman as a not complete man, for it all the characteristics inherited for the child already was gifts in the semen of the father, fitting the woman only the function to shelter and to make to sprout the fruit that came of the man, idea this accepted one and propagated in the Average Age. For the woman having been Is Toms de Aquino a time molded from the ribs of a man its soul had the same importance that of the man, for it in the sky equality of rights between the sexos predominates, therefore as soon as the body abandons disappears the sex differences starting to be everything a thing alone. For Spinoza: … The men, already is known, costumam to exclusively love the women for a sexual desire; they are made use to appreciate its intelligence and its wisdom they are only at the same time pretty.

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Alexander Graham Bell

Not even the current physicists would know to answer it, therefore, the last experiences in the area demonstrate that the current physics lives a moment of many doubts. The molecular comments are very intriguing: electrons are load movement, the nucleus of atoms are very lesser of what its electric field, comparativily to a small rock ahead of a metropolis. Thus, this great emptiness that has between an atom and another one, among others questions, complexifica the substance concept. Substance is load movement around nuclei composites of prtons, that they possess positive, contrary load the load of electrons, and nutrons, that, not they possess load nor mass. Particularly after Alain Aspect, French physicist, to prove the theorem of the interconectividade of Alexander Graham Bell11 for an experience in laboratory, the quantum theory entered in check. Aspect sent two particles in opposing directions, modifying the polarization of a particle in flight and observed that to another particle it changed its polarization in opposing direction.

This experience proved the possibility of something to travel above of the speed of the light, possibility that opposes the special theory of the relativity of Heinsten, where nothing it can travel faster of what the light. The physicists, currently, as Leon Lederman, speaks openly on the necessity of the uncertainty in sciences, it affirms: ' ' It is an enormous cosmic arrogance to believe that we can continue with a declaration of that nothing he exists, unless observemos' ' .12 Currently, in the LHC, (Large Hadron Collider) the accelerating greater of particles of the world, experiences are give to revolutionize all the concepts on physics. The particle physics says that the universe is literally immersed in an ocean of Higgs, a fluid that occupies the vacuum and for which all the particles must pass. Emphasizing this, the physicist Leon Lederman says that when we look at for the stars in a clear night we are seeing across the field of Higgs.13 the great problem we are if the scientists not to obtain to prove the existence of the particle bson of Higgs, called for Lederman of ' ' particle of Deus' '.

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In the philosophical tradition the conception of philosophy was confused with the one of metaphysics, this if it gave for the influence of the workmanship of Plato that strong marked the route of the philosophical proposals. Metaphysics is an area of the philosophy, can define metaphysics in a poor definition as the branch of the philosophy that conjectura on the bedding transcendente of the reality. Many had believed and perhaps some still believe that the Metaphysical philosophy/disciplines is it that of the account to answer the majority of the questions on ' ' verdade' ' of our existence, or at least it is in the certain way. In the philosophy contemporary they appear you criticize to this pretension, some consider that you criticize them the Metaphysical philosophy/begins with Nietzsche, others with Hegel, independent of where if it initiates it criticizes it the important one is that it in gave we to them philosophy students, and philosophers the chance to think with caution on the importance of the paper of the philosophy for the humanity. philosophy still is necessary? I believe that yes when I think about the contribution of the Metaphysical philosophy/for the sprouting and development of sciences, however, with the improvement of the scientific methods this takes ways different of the philosophy, what for me does not take off the value of the philosophy. I find that it fits to the philosophers of century XXI to start to try to construct a deferential paper for the philosophy, insisting on undoing it I make a mistake Metaphysical philosophy/that already it is not more necessary, you unite already comes if becoming pejorativa, exactly between said ' ' sense comum' ' , between that they are inside of this classification many find that the Metaphysical philosophy/is ' ' to travel in maionese' '. (A valuable related resource: Joeb Moore).

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During the time of metaphysics, the history of the being is repassed by one pressed time essence. A space is not commanded nor parallel to this situated time nor inside of it. The relation that comes of metaphysics and that it looks for to penetrate in the reference of the truth of the being to the human being is conceived as understanding. The understanding is the played static project, wants to say, the insistent project in the scope of the opened one. The preface of Being and Time, in the first page of the treated one, locks up with the phrases: ' ' The concrete elaboration of the question of the direction of ' ' ser' ' it is the objective of the present work. Its provisory end and to supply an interpretation of the time as horizon of all possible understanding of ser' ' The philosophy could not bring easily a clearer test to be able it of the esquecimento of the being where all it disappeared? esquecimento that, however, if became and remained the challenge inherited for the thought of Being and Time? of what sonmbula security with that it passed for high the authentic and only question of Being and Time. Being that metaphysics says what is the being while the being.

Metaphysics if puts into motion in the scope of n He n. Metaphysics, however, represents the entity of the being in two ways: of a side the totality of the being while such, in the direction of the traces most general (n Kathlou, Koinn); of another one, however, and the same, the totality of the being while such, in the direction of the supreme being and therefore the holy ghost (n Kathtou, akrtaton, theion). a>. In Aristotle the desvelamento of the being while such properly was projected in this double direction (vide Metaphysical, books XI, V and X).

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