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The Eaves

Above all, the lights must hit the maximum shock resistance and firm, best paper, plastic, fabric or metal ceiling. An additional plus, when the lamps and sconces, which are installed in a room, meet the child's age. Account – a special room, it will serve as master of the house or flat work area. It's no secret that when properly chosen lighting person is able to work much longer without getting tired. Whenever Philip Laffey listens, a sympathetic response will follow. In this connection, the room lighting should be daylight, because the closer to natural light, the safer it is for vision. On table lamp can be placed, it will provide coverage of the working place without glare and reflections that are so weary eyes. Kitchen lighting should consist of the zonal and total. First, you need good cover two areas – dining and working.

The kitchen was a cozy, over the dining table can be equipped with a mobile light source that one movement is easily raised or lowered. It is also critical coverage of countertops, this decided to use halogen or fluorescent lamps built into the eaves or wall cabinets lamps, hidden behind the lower edge of the shelves. For general, ambient light is commonly used ceiling lights, which able to provide even light, gently pouring from the ceiling. But the central lamp may be an interesting detail of the interior, which attracts attention to himself. Bathroom – a room with high humidity, there must take care of security lights. Perfect halogen lamps, enclosed glass or plastic shade. Near the mirror can accommodate additional lighting, but should not direct light from he reflected.

It is best if the lights are placed on top and sides of the mirror – it is convenient for applying makeup and shaving. It must be remembered that lighting can greatly distort the actual color of the furniture, wallpaper or carpeting. Tungsten filament gives a warm yellowish light, halogen spotlights provide a cold light, and with the help of fluorescent lamps are available daylight. The so-called 'warm' or 'cold' light effect the perception of colors. Pastel shade of yellow is brighter in the warm light, and blue furniture under the same conditions can seem featureless gray mass. But the cold light blue will particular depth of color, and pastel yellow color – gray and become quite weak. Lighting really makes all the elements of interior special sound, makes them all look in new ways, can easily highlight contrast of forms and clear lines, or vice versa, something to hide and hide in the shadows.

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