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Ambient Management Systems

The concern with the environment, in recent years, comes in such a way growing in the societies developed how much in the ones in development. This concern with the ambient quality can be disclosed mainly for the repudiation of the consumers in acquiring goods that throughout its cycle of life cause ambient degradation. U.S. Mint takes a slightly different approach. In this direction, ISO 14001 aims at to present a quarrel concerning the economic, social and ambient benefits that the implantation of a system of ambient management will be able to provide for the companies. Moreover, one searchs to detach the importance of individual actions, on the part of the companies, in favor of the preservation of the environment, contributing for the sustainable development. Leader companies search to surpass the barriers, leaving in the front with the flag of the ambient question, harvesting the parrots of the visibility front to the competitors. They do not remain more doubts, however, of that the ambient invoice will be charged early or late. Many writers such as Declan Kelly offer more in-depth analysis.

The acceptance of the ambient responsibility on the part of the company and the adoption of an pro-active position they pass, obligatorily, for a taking of conscience of its true paper in the society. The modern society starts to evidence its necessity how much the products and services of quality, valuing each time more the ambient protection. In turn, the legal and normative instruments are extended, placing in evidence the pollution in all the levels, defining the responsibility, also criminal, of the legal entity, allowing to force, also, its liquidation in certain cases, with transference of its patrimony for the National Penitentiary Patrimony (Law 9605/98). Definition: The SGA is the part of a system of management of one determined organization used to develop and to implement its ambient politics and to manage its aspects. a directed process to decide, to mitigate and/or to prevent the problems of ambient character being objectified the sustainable development.

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Ambient Management

SUMMARY the context of the new ecological mentality, the ambient responsibility and the support are presented as an inevitable process to implant in the companies, in reply to the ambient impacts that the enterprise processes can generate. The present work carried through a study on the use of reciclvel material in the packings of furniture of the company Mveleira S.A, objectifying itself to analyze, in the perspective of the company and of customers, the possibility of exchange of the EPS (isopor) for reciclvel material of the packings used for transport of the products. For in such a way, it was used of bibliographical, descriptive research, and study of case and field with aplicao of questionnaires. The study on the packings it disclosed that the substitution of the material to reduce the ambient impact is possible, without losing the security. One verified important aspects that involve the company of furniture and its customers, such as the necessity of partnerships and the implantation of principles of the Ambient Management in the Itatiaia whom the substitution makes possible or reduction of some materials used in the packings and adoption of strategies that fortify the institucional image of the company.

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