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If you look at that person in any case should do so with the feeling of wanting to imitate how well you are doing something that is similar to our goal or desire raised, but not from the standpoint of running a race and want to achieve because most of the time you find that they not only reach, but this is further removed. And doing the same analysis but in reverse, if we look back to see who we do not reach us, all you achieve is that this will bring us closer. And this is true in both cases (achieving the opposite of what dear) because we look at our fears about wanting to be just another stop or not be more than that. When the only important thing is to look at ourselves continually, not an egocentric, but to mold ourselves continually, as we set goals of our work, for each day do better than the previous day. If that were the daily goal and common in all our endeavors or actions whether physical or emotional, you will see that after a certain time when I look back to find people who previously were far ahead of you. And then say how do you achieve?.

And there will realize that to compete against another did not bring many benefits, such as it against yourself. The “opponent” to win is one, the others are just companions of the road of life. So remember the goal is to look at yourself (except for copying the good of others) and propose to want to improve every day and be learning from those desires can sound together in a second stage to work with spiritual desires, ie not have any relation to what we can then consider a reasonably achievable goal, but our desires may be the strongest we have ever dreamed.

July 28, 2018 at 1:02 am
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