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‘Teamwork’ is the title of the attached image, which represents the successful together in the modern world of work. They serve as communications platforms for artists, galleries, art-promotional and educational institutions, as well as last but not least for the audience. Art fairs in the most diverse cities in Europe, in which the artist Ingo Maria Sternberg is increasingly represented. Art fairs in Frankfurt, Karlsruhe, in Salzburg, Graz and several other places bear witness to it. Always positively look forward”and true to Sternberg embarks this motto more and more on the German-speaking European stage. His images are embedded in a fantastic 3-D miniature dimension, graphically designed magic worlds.

The artistically elaborately designed life scenes offer a wealth of details, which captures the eye and stimulates to explore. The symbiosis between creative and poetic art shares fascinating. The meditative, motivational, and also humorous quotations, aphorisms and poetry round the objects of art an exclusive and harmonious whole off. Each work is unique and is made with elaborate handmade (www.objektgraphik(at).de. Sternberg’s wife Ulrike, who actively supported him in all respects, is this steady companion and often necessary but also helpful critic. “Art is in”.

Museums are popular again and await you with restaurants, shops, jazz nights and wine parties. They appear more and more like companies and are increasingly involved in organizing exhibitions, to buy works by contemporary artists, in order to give or even as producers”to promote. Also the international business is moving more and more on this topic. Not only to themselves to make an attractive and value enhancing ambiance, but above all when it comes to motivate deserving employees with exceptional and valuable prizes and reward. So well-known corporate heavyweights such as E.g. Deutsche Bahn include AG”, the Porsche AG”, the German “Investment advice”, the Maritim Hotel Group”, the Wurth Group, as well as also FC Bayern” to its customers. But also private individuals like the Boxer Axel Schultz, the singer of Cornelia Froboess, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge have in their rooms are already objects by Ingo Maria Sternberg. A very special work was produced in 2006 for the former German Chancellor, Gerhard Schroder. In addition to his artistic object work Ingo Maria Sternberg operates today for a large printing press in calendar management, as well as in the field of design and development. Also, a nationwide directory of artists in planning, which will present the artists of the Federal Republic (both professionals and hobbyists) portrait and biography with their work in a Germany-wide web portal is currently. The portal, which is currently programmed at a high cost in Web 2.0 or Web 3.0 and many specials such as monthly newsletters with addresses, facts and figures of art, an art ABC, cross references and links Announcement of exhibitions, competitions and scholarships, etc. is provided, power will go to the 01.01.2009’s. Interested parties of registration of can register now at the email: info(at) reserve leave.

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