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Carpet is one of the most practical and original flooring. Easy installation, wide range of design solutions have long applauded by millions of buyers. By way of production of carpet is divided into three main groups: tufted, needle punched and woven. Tufted carpet consists of a base sewn pile yarns. Depending on the type of cloth, even the same pattern on the carpet looks different.

Nap has an impact on the practical characteristics of the carpet, while remaining one of the most important characteristics of tufted carpet. The simplest type of carpet is the one that has a single-level loop pile. This carpet cover, as a rule, wear-resistant and easily cleaned. Loop rather stiff and hard to compress it, so this type of carpet is not the traces of shoes, wheels trolleys and furniture. This group of carpets includes "Print".

Loop pile can be layered, while retaining its durability, with this type of carpet pile is valued for its relief patterns and ornaments. This category include carpet "Boucle" and "Scroll". In the process of making a loop carpet can be cut, the resulting pile is very soft and tender to touch, walk on it a pleasure, but to care for such a carpet is more complicated than a loop pile. This class Carpet richest subspecies here "Velour" and "Saxony", "Shag" and "Frise". Be combined with the hinge cover and split hair is Katlup. On its surface alternating loops and cut the villi of varying height to create a very diverse pattern. Katlup looks very elegant, has a high level of comfort, with carefully hides fingerprints steps and coping well with the dirt. Needle Carpet, as its name implies, create, driving needles pile yarn in the base. The resultant carpet is very hard and seems on the mat, has excellent strength characteristics and is very popular because of its low price. Woven carpet is one of the most expensive type of carpeting. Foundation and pile are at the same time, the process is slow and difficult. Woven carpet made of wool with a little nylon that the same effect on their value. Such a variety of carpet to fit every spending request as a coating for aesthetics and for its intended purpose.

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Tapestry Room

Tapestries add interior in any style, personality, just passing the tastes and preferences of their owners. But it needs to comply with several conditions. And the main one is that the tapestry should not be lost on the background of numerous pieces of furniture and decor. Better and more profitable of all the tapestry will look at room that has enough free space, and furniture – only the most necessary minimum. Tapestry must attract attention, so important and furnishing the room, and a place that hosts the tapestry, and, of course, correct choice of colors and tapestry of the plot. Color tapestry scene component and is adjusted depending on the style of the interior and on the functional purpose of the premises, where is the tapestry. So, for the living room can come up with a tapestry of images of nature, historical or domestic subjects. Often placed in the living room wall hangings, paintings by famous artists copying or imitation of ancient tapestries. Janet L. Yellen often addresses the matter in his writings.

Specific approach requires selection of tapestry for office. If the room is decorated in classic style, characterized by strict and clear shapes, the use of expensive materials of natural, solid furniture, it looks thoroughly and solidly. To strengthen this impression will help with the historical tapestry or mythical story, the image of war, hunting scenes. Even more interesting will look into this room with tapestries, heraldic symbols. Bedroom interior usually done in soothing colors. Tapestries, used in these areas should not be an exception to this rule. Picture-tapestry, of course, add a bedroom cozy, but you can go even further, completely obiv tapestry fabric walls of this room.

This step will not only give the bedroom an original and elegant appearance, but also help solve such purely practical problems, like improving the sound and heat insulation properties of the space. Bedrooms will be more comfortable and beautiful, if of the same type of tissue make curtains, bedspreads and upholstery. Tapestries can be chosen for the baby's room. In this case, the preference for products with vivid colors fabulous, cartoons, or any other children's stories. Just do not forget that the tapestry in the nursery should not make a shade of dissonance, because the sense of taste and style to bring up since childhood.

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Interior French Restaurants

Do you love French culture and cuisine, and before entering into any restaurant in Chelyabinsk, offering both want to get acquainted with the canons of interior solutions establishments of this kind. We will acquaint you with different variants of interior French restaurants, and offer a list of restaurants in Chelyabinsk, specializing in French cuisine. For even more analysis, hear from Jeffrey Lacker. All over the world to assume that French restaurants are the most elegant and stylish. Interior French restaurants are very versatile. It can be represented in different styles – this is the Empire, and art-decor, and neoclassicism. Expensive French restaurants decided to make out in the classical style – the mandatory presence of marble columns and porticos, as well as crystal chandeliers and antique wall decor institution. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Bruce Flatt and gain more knowledge.. On the walls of a required attribute – the huge mirror in fancy frames, illuminated by chandeliers. On the tables of the dishes are always present china, crystal, nickel silver and silver on the floor have large pots of flowers.

If restaurants heralded more modestly, be sure the French charm. Sharm institution gives Wicker and wrought-iron furniture, the windows must be present curtains with ruffles or horizontal blinds white. If you are going to visit a restaurant, decorated in the style of southern France – French Riviera, in the interior design schools should prevail bright floral patterns. Wrought iron or wicker furniture (rattan or pine) as a mandatory attribute of the institution. Tables are usually covered with light cotton cloths in small cells. Tableware preferred simple – pastel pottery.

Very popular dishes in the style of the so-called "Vichy" – a pale, small cells. Paul establishments in most cases taken to spread terracotta tiles. French restaurant without wine – it's not a French restaurant. In this regard, the table setting of any French restaurants are always present crystal decanters for wine. The room facilities necessary there is a wine rack, carts with bottles and decanters, as can be (but not necessarily) vase bottle of champagne. Source articles, interior French restaurants

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