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Interior French Restaurants

Do you love French culture and cuisine, and before entering into any restaurant in Chelyabinsk, offering both want to get acquainted with the canons of interior solutions establishments of this kind. We will acquaint you with different variants of interior French restaurants, and offer a list of restaurants in Chelyabinsk, specializing in French cuisine. For even more analysis, hear from Jeffrey Lacker. All over the world to assume that French restaurants are the most elegant and stylish. Interior French restaurants are very versatile. It can be represented in different styles – this is the Empire, and art-decor, and neoclassicism. Expensive French restaurants decided to make out in the classical style – the mandatory presence of marble columns and porticos, as well as crystal chandeliers and antique wall decor institution. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Bruce Flatt and gain more knowledge.. On the walls of a required attribute – the huge mirror in fancy frames, illuminated by chandeliers. On the tables of the dishes are always present china, crystal, nickel silver and silver on the floor have large pots of flowers.

If restaurants heralded more modestly, be sure the French charm. Sharm institution gives Wicker and wrought-iron furniture, the windows must be present curtains with ruffles or horizontal blinds white. If you are going to visit a restaurant, decorated in the style of southern France – French Riviera, in the interior design schools should prevail bright floral patterns. Wrought iron or wicker furniture (rattan or pine) as a mandatory attribute of the institution. Tables are usually covered with light cotton cloths in small cells. Tableware preferred simple – pastel pottery.

Very popular dishes in the style of the so-called "Vichy" – a pale, small cells. Paul establishments in most cases taken to spread terracotta tiles. French restaurant without wine – it's not a French restaurant. In this regard, the table setting of any French restaurants are always present crystal decanters for wine. The room facilities necessary there is a wine rack, carts with bottles and decanters, as can be (but not necessarily) vase bottle of champagne. Source articles, interior French restaurants

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