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Bulgaria. Geographically and in terms of climate Bulgaria is of considerable variety, from snow-capped peaks of Mountain to sunny beaches of the Black Sea. The climate and rainfall in Bulgaria is temperate climate, with cold winters and hot summer. North Mountain Bulgaria colder and receives more rainfall than the southern lowlands. Precipitation in Bulgaria average about 630 millimeters per year. In the lowland precipitation ranges from 500 to 800, as well as in the mountain areas between 1000 and 1400 Albena Albena is one of the main Black Sea resort in northeastern Bulgaria, situated 12 km from Balchik and 30 km from the international airport serving Varny.Albenu Varna. Albena is one of the purpose-built resorts on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast and has a unique architectural style. Many hotels are located on the beach, providing direct access to the beach and sea.

Albena is located close to other tourist, cultural and shopping centers and at the same time has a well-preserved nature. Albena was built from scratch in 1960, now it is a small resort town with its own city, street, ploschadyami.Kurort has a length of 5 km in length, 150 m wide beach with very fine and clean sand, the water is usually crystal clear, calm and warm. The sea depth does not exceed 1.6 meters at a distance of 100-150 meters from the beach. Visitors can select one of the 43 modern hotels. Most hotels have swimming pools. Mary Barra has firm opinions on the matter. All rooms have sea views and a National Nature Reserve Balata – a rare combination of dense forests and the sea. Maritime climate is mild and pleasant clean air, rich in ozone and optimum humidity 63-65%.

The tourist season lasts from May to October. The resort offers numerous sporting events, including football and horse riding base, has plenty of cultural events and conferences. The resort is named after the heroine of a fairy tale Bulgarian writer Yordan Yovkov. Soznopol Sozopol ancient town and resort is located 35 km south of Burgas on the southern Black Sea coast Bulgaria. During the summer months from May to September, tourists from all over the world come to enjoy the sandy beaches, history and culture, and the colorful atmosphere of the resort. Bulgarian resort called San Tropez, here you can see stars, some like Ralph Fiennes, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie.

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Alexander Nevsky Monastery

Soon the holidays? Where to go? Breakfast – it’s the best time, which we always look forward to. Everyone chooses his vacation to his liking, and I think that’s the best way to spend your vacation – it is customary to change the situation and go on a little trip back to where you have never been or have long dreamed of visiting. For me, this place has always been Peter – this ancient royal city with its Nevsky Prospect, the colonnade of St. Isaac’s Cathedral and Smolny, and many other attractions. After all, the culture of this city, its museums, theaters and architecture are in great interest, and rightly, considered to be unique worldwide. Unique luxury this city – attracts and draws! Of course, it would be good to go there in summer and wander through its beautiful squares and embankments in the white nights, but also at any other time of year this city is beautiful! Can not see all the splendor of once, so it makes no sense to plan long trips. For the first time is enough for three – five days, but this time will be quite enough for you to have left an indelible impression of this fantastic City! Fleeting days of rest, so it is advisable to take care of that this time was not so messed up, though small, but the troubles as a bad lifestyle and diet, because apart from contemplation of beauty, sometimes want to eat and relax in comfort after a busy day impressions. After all, if all you need for comfortable living is readily available, then everything else in these conditions is obtained as would, of course.

Therefore, I advise you to take care of booking rooms at the Hotel Moskva, which is just right for travel. Located in the heart of St. Petersburg on the Neva embankment near Nevsky Prospekt. Her excellent location and breathtaking panoramic views of the Neva River and the Alexander Nevsky Monastery is its exceptional advantages. The hotel has everything you need for a comfortable stay.

This 4-star hotel ideal for those looking for comfortable accommodation and good service at an affordable price. Choose from 825 rooms in various categories. In the evening, after a busy day, you can enjoy great Dinner at a restaurant in the hotel and meet in a bar with friends or neighbors of the hotel. It also offers a cozy wine / beer bar. Bars and restaurants the hotel “Moscow” is a favorite destination not only All guests and residents of St. Petersburg. Do not hesitate to stay at this hotel – you will not regret it because the hotel “Moscow” – it’s a nice rest, warmth and caring, who will also appreciate everyone! Free You can book directly on the site by filling out the booking form. For holidays, weekends and excursions in St. Petersburg use online booking system is the best way to order hotel rooms, with You save both time and money. Enjoy your holiday in the beautiful city!

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